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10 Health Benefits Of Sunlight
Jul 27, 2016
10 Health Benefits Of Sunlight

10 Health Benefits Of Sunlight

Many people may have the wrong opinion about exposure to sunlight that is, long term exposure causes skin aging, sunburn, and even skin cancer. Keeping this in mind, they completely avoid exposure to sunlight and stay indoors.

But, you know limited sun exposure is always better and gives you several health benefits. It is one of the easiest and free ways to get vitamin D to your body. This is one of the important vitamins required for protein synthesis, nerve and muscles functioning, muscle functioning etc.

So, it is better to get a little bit exposure to the sun every morning for 10 minutes so that your skin can slightly turn red and produces 10,000 to 25,000 IU of vitamin D.

But, you don’t need to burn your skin or tan it and especially not required in peak hours that is in between 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM when you get direct sunlight because this may harm your skin.

The vitamin D which you get through sunlight exposure, in turn, gives several health benefits to your body. Would you like to know them? Then, continue reading the below information.

Health Benefits of Sunshine

1. Stimulates Metabolism

Sunlight helps in speeding up your metabolism and keeps your weight balanced and healthy. A recent study has shown that exposure to UV rays suppresses the obesity and also reduces the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Further, the nitric acid that is produced after the exposure of sunlight benefits on the way it regulates the metabolism in your body. You should also remember that deficiency of vitamin D can contribute to fat accumulation.

2. Improves Immunity System

Sunlight helps in building the immune system and your body will make vitamin D that supports proper functioning of T cells which contributes to the immune defense. Body with strong immune system will help fight against the foreign bodies and invading organisms. Vitamin D also helps in modulating the adaptive and innate immune responses.

3. Reduces Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure or heart diseases, when exposed to sunlight at least for one time, can significantly lower blood pressure and benefits you’re a lot. The warmness of the sunlight can increase the vitamin D and stimulates the circulation which further improves your heart's health.

The especially vitamin D supplement is needed in winter season for lowering the blood pressure, according to a study.

4. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

It is said that sufficient amount of vitamin D to your body can reduce, risks of kidney, colon and breast cancer. According to a study, improving the calcium and vitamin D nutritional status can reduce all the risks of cancer especially in a postmenopausal woman and combining this vitamin D with cancer treatments helps in improving the prognosis of cancer.

5. Healthy Bones

Sunlight is necessary for strong as well as healthy bones and with vitamin D produced after the sun’s exposure will help this by stimulating the absorption of calcium required for strengthening the bones. This, in turn, reduces the fractures, osteoporosis, and bone diseases and in addition, high level of vitamin D is associated with lower rate of all type of fractures.

6. Alleviates Mild Depression

Frequent exposure to sunlight is always good and they help in fighting against mild depression and lessen you stress through the natural increase of serotonin levels due to sunlight.

It regulates sleep, appetite, mood and memory and it also plays a vital role in susceptibility to suicide and depression. Especially sunlight is essential during winter seasons i.e. when you are affected with the seasonal affective disorder often called as sunlight deprivation. So, it is suggested to get sufficient sunlight exposure to your body.

7. Boosts Your Height

According to a study, it is said that woman who is pregnant during the summer season are likely to have strong boned, taller bones. Vitamin D will play a vital role in children’s development and growth particularly kids and also affects bone mass.

So, especially pregnant woman and breastfeeding woman needs sufficient amount of vitamin D for overall development of the baby.

8. Reduces the Risks of Multiple Sclerosis

Sufficient Vitamin D produced by the exposure to sunlight can contribute to preventing autoimmune disease which affects central nervous system and multiple sclerosis. Also, early exposure to sunlight in children under age 20 lowers the risk of MS. So, it is recommended to get exposure to a vitamin D, especially pregnant woman.

9. Refresh Aging Eyes

Vitamin D3 is an essential source and plays an important role in preventing muscular degeneration related to age and aids aging eyes by clearing amyloid beta, reducing inflammation as well as improves the functioning of eye vision.

In order to have healthy eyes, it is suggested to stand in warm sunlight during early hours of the morning by closing your eyelids and move your eyes in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

Do this daily at least once along with palming for 10 minutes. But, it is required to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight because it can develop a cataract.

10. Increases the Quality of Sleep

Natural sunlight helps you maintain sleep and wake cycle and with bright sunlight exposure, optic nerve sends a signal to the gland in your brain which produces melatonin associated with sleep onset. In addition, it also controls circadian rhythms for better sleep during the night. This circadian rhythm which is a 24 hours cycle stimulates psychological, biochemical as well as the behavioral process which controls your quality of sleep.

Bottom Line:
These are various health benefits associated with exposure to sunlight and the sunshine. So, get these benefits with short-term exposure to sunlight. Hope, this information would help you and your health get benefits out of sunlight. 


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