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12 Mind Blowing Tricks to Remove Stains Naturally
Jun 14, 2016
12 Mind Blowing Tricks to Remove Stains Naturally

12 Mind-Blowing Tricks to Remove Stains Naturally

Messed up your favorite jacket with red wine? Is getting off stubborn stains like albatross around your neck? Wish we had an “undo” button right!!! Okay! No frustration, please! Stay cool! Here I am to spill the beans on fighting stains .Do try out and share your experience.

Science of stain

A stain is a discoloration due to the chemical or physical interaction of two materials that are dissimilar in nature. So depending on the nature of the material and that of the stain, remedy should be sought out

What do we do first?

The first thing to remember, whenever you try to get off a stain, at first instance don’t rub it, instead press it gently. If you attempt to rub, the stain will run deep into the microfibers and it stays as a mark forever.

Pre-treat the stain as soon as possible. The chances of removing a stain are better when you soak or pre-treat it so, don’t let it dry for few weeks to find your leisure time. If you do so, your garments will go straight into the trash.

Tricks to remove any strain:

To give more bangs for your buck, stop on a dime and check this out! Let’s get the ball rolling by analyzing the nature of stain!

•Milk for chocolate stains:

First, put the garment in the freezer and scrape off the hardened chocolate. Then treat it with hot water and dab it gently with the detergent. And now comes the secret ingredient the white-pure milk. Soak the garment in it for half-an-hour and wash up and repeat until you get off the stain completely.

•Artificial sweeteners for grease:

If grease splatters on your garment, use artificial sweetener to blot the stain. This powder absorbs the oil stain.

•Shampoo for the collar of your shirt:

Launder with shampoo for your collar as it can break the body oils sticking on it.

•Hairspray or toothpaste for ink stains:

Squirting the ink stains with alcohol based products like hairsprays and methylated spirits is the best solution. Non-gel toothpaste also can be used but it should be rubbed vigorously on the garment to get the destined result.

•Dishwashing liquid for oil stains:

On a hot cycle, wash away the oil stains with dishwashing liquid or washing detergent and repeat if necessary.

•Lemon juice for berry stains:

Just wash the berry stain with water and dry it out in direct sunlight for getting the bleaching effect and then rub it with the juice of a lemon and rinse it to remove berry stains.

•Vinegar or shaving cream for tomato stains:

Add 1 to 2 tbsp of vinegar to water and soak the soiled garment for 30 minutes and then wash off as usual on a cool cycle to get rid of tomato stain. on gel shaving cream can be sprayed onto the stain and rubbed gently to wash away the tomato sauce stain.

•Salt or cola for blood stains:

Within 10-15 minutes of the occurrence of the stain, a paste of salt and cold water should be created and rubbed directly onto the stain. In this case, you should treat the stain immediately to get better outcomes.

What if the stain dries for a long period? Soak the cloth in cola overnight and wash it the next day and it may help you.

•Bread for lipstick marks:

The doughy centre of white bread shod be knead into a ball and now the smear can be blotted with this dough until the stain goes off from the fabric.

•Hydrogen peroxide for carpet stains:

The stained section of carpet should be saturated with hydrogen peroxide and then scrubbed with a damp cloth to wipe the stain out.

•Glycerine for coffee or tea stains:

The stain should be sponged with luke warm water and then gently blotted with glycerine

•Alcohol for grass stains:

Alcohol dissolves the green pigment chlorophyll and rubbing alcohol against the stain until it goes is the best remedy.

•Mixture of white wine and banking soda for red wine stain and deodorant stains:

Soaking the garment in white wine and then covering the stain with thick baking soda and leaving it for few hours will help to remove red wine stains as well as deodorant stains. Don’t just wait for an hour and make sure that you wash it after that. So, now removing the stain is surely going to be like taking candy from a baby.

The next question is can you use these remedies on any type of clothes?

Definitely not. Before treating a stain, think about the type of your garment’s fabric i.e., a look whether it’s cotton, synthetic, wool, or silk. Do read the care label on your garment to determine the type of stain removal method.

Notes to Remember:

•Any technique can be used on cotton as it is a durable fabric,

•Harsh chemicals like bleach have a negative effect on synthetic fibres otherwise, synthetic fabrics are also durable.

•Special stain treatment is needed for woolen cloth and commercial stain removers tend to damage wool fibers

•Dry cleaning is the apt solution for soiled silk fibers to avoid water spotting


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