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9 Unexpected Places Where You Can Apply Highlighter
Jul 27, 2016
9 Unexpected Places Where You Can Apply Highlighter

 9 Unexpected Places Where You Can Apply Highlighter

Highlighter is a makeup beauty product that can be used in many places of your face. You can blend it with your foundation cream for full face glow, you can use it in inner corners of your eyes and also on your cheek bones. You generally know only these places, isn’t it? But, there are many other unexpected places where you can apply the highlighter and give it a credit.

Majorly we have identified 9 different spots or places for using highlighter apart from the above-listed ones. You would be surprised by seeing those places of highlighting.

Do you want to know those places and grab the opportunity to make use of our information? Then, continue reading the article to know those places and also few tips regarding using the highlighter at those places.

Unexpected Places for Using the Highlighter

1. On Your Chin Part

Use highlighter at the center of your chin to gives light up to your face. Adding this to your matte look will add a touch of glow and makes you look not too matte. This is a good idea to just use the highlighter on only one part and make your face glow. You can apply this highlighter in the middle of your chin lightly in a circular motion and that gives you a matte look. The Little highlighter is enough for the one who generally has a naturally glowing skin.

2. At the Bridge of the Nose

Applying highlighter at the bridge part of your nose makes them look slim and also appears smaller. Most of the celebrities follow this technique to make their nose look slim. All that you need to do is swipe this highlighter down the center of your nose in a straight line. This brings all the attention to the center of your face.

3. Middle of the Eyelids

Wanna look brighter without any eye makeup? Then, dab your highlighter at the middle or center of your eyelids. This will automatically brighten your eyes and make them look wider without any makeup for your eyes. You can use cream, powder or liquid aluminized for the area above the pupil to make your eyes look twinkle. Along with this, you can add a touch of mascara for added brightness.

4. At the Front your Knees

Surprised hearing this? But, you can do this. You can apply highlighter on the knee part which makes your legs look thinner as well as longer and especially when you are using skirts, shorts etc. and for this make use of powder highlighter instead of liquid one as they may get rubbed off on your clothes.

5. On Your Collarbone

When you would love to use low-cut clothes, then your collarbones will highlight you other than anything. So, if you wanna enhance its look, you can add a touch of glowing with a highlighter and get highlighted on your dressing.

6. On Your Forehead

Applying the highlighter at the middle of your forehead gives it a sun-touched look. If you don’t want a shiny or bright look, you need to use the light shaded foundation than your skin tone. Then, adding highlighter will enhance its look instead of making it glow more. It also prevents the forehead from looking flat and gives brightness to your entire face.

7. Middle of Cupid’s bow:

You can dab your highlighter at the center of your upper lip i.e., on the V-shaped bow to give your lips a full appearance. You can do this with your fingers. Apply a little amount of highlighter with your fingers and give it a soft touch. This makes your lips look attractive.

8. Above Your Eyebrow Arch

As you highlight you're under the eyebrow, you can also highlight the above your highest point of eyebrow arch to give it a mini brow lift. A cream can best highlight this portion. Adding highlighter above the eyebrow arch can you’re your grown out eyebrows which in fact gives a correct shape to your brows and detracts from lost hairs if any.

9. Below the Eye and Top of Your Cheeks

You can apply blusher at this place and lightly dust the highlighter from sides of your face i.e., about an inch and half from your nose. You can also do it with a fingertip and this helps the highlighter to blend well over the area. This will mask off the black spots and eye circles at this place if any and gives it a shiny look.


These are the 9 different unexpected places where you can use a highlighter to enhance the look of your face and stand out among others in special occasions and events. So, add a touch of highlighter different parts of your face and make it look beautiful.

But, it is better to follow some instructions when you are going to use the highlighter for those parts of your face such as dusting out the extra powder out, not applying more cream or powder as they make your skin look unnatural and oily.

Also, choose a good color as your highlighter that matches your skin tone. Take the help of makeup expert if you are a new bee to the highlighter makeup.

Make your face look bright and shiny with this highlighter tips at various places of your face. We expect that this article has given you enough information about using the highlighter.


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