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A Complete Guide on Makeup for Dry Skin
Aug 02, 2016
A Complete Guide on Makeup for Dry Skin

Makeup is an art in itself as the face of a person is just like the empty sheet in which an artist designs with the help of attractive and lovely colors, but the difference is the face is to paint with a different variety of makeup products.

You should have a complete knowledge about the products you are using otherwise instead of making your face attractive and beautiful, you will end with a disastrous and ugly look. As the makeup is an art in itself, it becomes more difficult to execute it if you don't have normal skin type.

There are many techniques that you have to follow if you have a dry skin type and want to avoid the appearance of flakes and dry patches on the face.

These techniques are discussed in detailed form in the lines below:

• Foundation:

The foundation plays a very vital role in the makeup as it is the base ingredient which is important to apply while makeup. There are many varieties of foundation present in the market, but it is not important that each and every foundation will suit your skin type and color as they are prepared with the combination of different ingredients.

If you have a dry skin type, then you prefer to apply that foundation which has contents of oil and moisturizer in it. Otherwise you can try beauty balm as it serves the same purpose of the foundation and in addition, they contain hydrating ingredients which provide moisture to the skin.

• Exfoliate the skin and lips:

The dead and dry skin or lip does not have enough capacity to hold makeup on the skin. It is very important to exfoliate the face and lips with the help of scrub at least once in a week.

• Lipstick:

The matte lipstick and the long lasting ones are not recommended for those who have dry skin as it contributes them to become dryer that gives a very horrible look to your lips. Choose a  sheer lipstick or lip gloss as these have the contents of moisturizing agents which will give juicy and lovely lips for longer hours.

• Powder:

The face powder is not a thing meant for those who have this skin type as it may cause flaking and dry areas on the skin that look like white patches on the face. If you have the problem of occasional sweating in the chin, forehead, and nose, then you can apply a little amount of powder in those areas otherwise, avoid applying powder to the face.

• Skin hydrating toner:

If you are out for longer hours and suddenly after a few hours you start feeling that makeup started to flake off then you should carry a travel sized hydrating toner with you. Whenever you feel the skin need some moisture, then spray this toner on your face and this will help you to avoid the flaking of makeup.

• Keep your body hydrated:

This is all about the things you have to apply or not, but it is equally important that what you are drinking or eating. It is recommended to drink a plenty of water as it keeps the internal body hydrated, which will show effective results on the face also by serving a natural glow to it.

• A tint of oil:

Before applying concealer or base on the face you can add a tint of oil to it that will help in maintaining the moisturizing level of the skin and keep the skin fluffy and free of dryness for longer hours.

• Cheeks:

It is said to avoid powder blusher as it can make the applied area dryer and full of flakes. There are blushes or any other similar products in the form of creams that do not make the skin dry is a better option for this skin type.

Bottom line:

If you apply these simple tips and techniques in your daily makeup routine, then more than half of your problems can be solved. If you have a dry skin type, then it's not your fault but there is a solution to each and every problem and so as for dry skin.


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