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Water Is Used Effectively In Makeup
Jul 19, 2016
Water Is Used Effectively In Makeup


Water is man’s live savior.  We can consider water as liquid oxygen for promoting our existence on this earth.  It has scores of benefits that includes our health and skin.  As we all know, water is used in hydrating and rejuvenating skin.

Water which we use for washing off our makeup can also be used in the process of makeup.  You can use water while applying your makeup.  Let’s know how it works in our makeup process.

There are 5 ways to use water for makeup. 

1.Use water as spray to set your makeup:

Few foundations give unnatural and heavy looks to the face.  To get rid of that heaviness and unnatural looks, we can use water as spray. Make certain you use only distilled water as spray. 

Before you start your makeup, along with your makeup kit, keep bottle of distilled water spray with you.  When you are done with makeup, just take that distilled water spray bottle and spray it for twice on your face.  It will immediately change unnatural look into dewy, which ultimately makes it look natural.

2.Give intense looks to your eye shadows:

Do you go mad about eye makeup?  But you feel like something is lacking in your eye makeup?  Don’t worry; our savior water will solve all your problems.  If you want intense eye shadow makeup to your eyes, then all you need to do is just dip eye shadow brush in some water and then start your eye makeup. 

The brush should be dipped into water just a bit.  Otherwise it will observe more water and will destroy your eye make by rolling down onto your face. 

3.Prepare your favorite colored eye liners:

It is not possible for everyone to buy all their favorite colors of eye liners.  Some may afford and some may not.  In making your favorite eye liner you can even make use of old broken eye liners.  Just take your favorite color eye shadow color and add some water to it.  Water will make the color you have chosen darker than it is.  So, using water you can turn your eye shadows into eyeliners instantly.

4. Clean your makeup brushes instantly:

Are you a fan of makeup? If so, then you must be familiar with makeup brushes, their types and their usage.  You have to clean your makeup brushes after every session of makeup.  The brush after used will be dusted with all sorts of dirt and bacteria which have lots of affects on your face. 


Even though cleaning makeup brush won’t take much of your time, you better use cleaner solution and wash your brush with water.  Even in short span you can clean it easily. 

To clean your makeup brush instantly, all you need to do is to spray some water in clean tissue paper and clean makeup brush with it.  When you are done, turn tissue paper over and clean it with drier side of it.  It will remove excess water present on brush.  After you are done with it, let the makeup brush dry for 2 to 3 minutes and then start using it.


5.Make your dried eye liner work:

If your eye liner dried quickly even though it is newly bought one and have lot of dried solution in it, then just do this trick.  Add 3 drops of distilled water to eyeliner.  Mix it well and it will immediately turn into moist form.  Now use it on your eyes and see the magic.

So, these are the 5 best uses of water in makeup.  Hope you make us of these tips in your daily life and get benefited.


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