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10 Best Benefits of Bael Fruit-Wood Apple
Aug 03, 2016
10 Best Benefits of Bael Fruit-Wood Apple

People are crazy about getting natural and herbal stuff for their health and beauty. So to be more précised on this point, we got to you a wonderful fruit which has plenty of benefits within it.

Bael Fruit with the scientific/Botanical name as Limonia acidic sima is also called as elephant apple, monkey fruit, and wood apple. Most of the parts of Asian countries like this fruit a lot and this is also known for its benefits.

Crazy news about this fruit is Elephant squeezes all the juice from the fruit without any damage to the shell of it, and no one knows that logic yet, and that's why it is called as Elephant apple too.

The Wood apple is basically grown in most regions of the Sothern part of Asia; it can grow 30 feet in height. The fruit is also called as Edible fruit with 6-9 cm in diameter with brown color pulp and small white seeds with covering of wood type shell.

Let us see those plenty of health benefits that are hidden in this wood apple. Wood apple is an immune booster and fights against bacterial and viral infections caused by them. It is a great reliever from respiratory problems, indigestion, peptic ulcer, constipation, diarrhea, piles, and dysentery.

Due to its anti- inflammation property is can prevent from cancer, cures diabetes, sand increases the milk production in feeding mothers. This can also prevent from sexual problems.

Wood Apple contains tannins, phosphorous, fiber, calcium, nutrients, vitamins, organic compounds, protein, and iron.

Can cure Hives- Skin disease

Hives- Urticaria, affects 30 % of the people, It starts with an itchy patch on the skin and turns into swollen bumps on the skin. The itching goes more and more to scratching, alcohol consumption, emotional stress, Heavy exercise.

Take cumin powder 1 gm, Bay leaves power 1 gm and Bael fruit juice, mix all of them and apply on the affected areas twice a day so that by using this juice for a week can completely cure this problem.

Constipation Problems:

Take Bael fruit pulp mix 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp black pepper, take this once a day for the people having constipation problem.

Dandruff Removal

Dandruff is a never ending process on hair scalp. Take Bael fruit peel or shell 25 gm and take 500gm of coconut oil and heat them in low flame for 15-20 minutes until the extract gets into the oil. Just an hour before you do head bath apply this oil on scalp and massage with all your fingers on it ? If you use this regularly for 3 months you can get dandruff free hair.

Better for Diarrhea:

The wood apple trunk and branches of Bael tree contains "Feronia Gum" which can be used in dysentery and diarrhea.

Take 30 ml of Bael Leaves juice and mix it with sugar cane juice or unprocessed sugar to cure stomach pain or constipation problem of the kids from 5 to 10 years.

Hormone Deficiency in woman:

Take 1/4 the cup of curd and 2 tbsp of Bael fruit juice twice a day, this can cure all hormone deficiency problems including progesterone levels.

Boosts energy levels:

Take 5 tbsp jaggery with 5 gms of Wood apple pulp and have it once a day so that you can get rid of tiredness, sleeplessness, fatigue. This always boosts your energy level and this can also be taken like Jam on Bread.

More Lactation in new Mothers:

Take 1 tbsp of wood apple juice and 1 tbsp of dry ginger along with 2 tbsp of jaggery, this can be best for the lactating mother, this can increase the milk for the babies along with best medicinal benefits for the baby as well.

Acts as Blood Purifier:

Take 50 gms of honey mix it in warm water and take 20 gms of wood apple pulp of juice and take it after morning jogging or workout to act as a blood purifier. This can show awesome results in weight loss as well.

Balances the Blood sugar level and Blood pressure:

1. This can be a benefit to the person having diabetic sugar levels increased on a regular basis, Take 1 tbsp of Bael leaves juice in the morning after fresh up as this controls the over urination problem as well. 

2. Take warm water and boil with 10-12 bael leaves for 3 minutes and steep it and can take this water as this manages hypertension.

Perfect cure for Tuberculosis:

Take bael juice 2 tbsp and mix with sugar and honey during night time. If taken regularly for almost 30 days it can cure tuberculosis.

Bottom Line:

We recommend people not to eat more as this can cause flatulence in the stomach due to its Shelly nature and just try having it little when you are having it for the very first time. We are presenting the best health benefits of Bael fruit just for you.


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