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6 Best Health Benefits of Nigella sativa-(Black Seed)
Jul 29, 2016
6 Best Health Benefits of Nigella sativa-(Black Seed)

Health Benefits of Black Seed

Black seeds, which are commonly used in our kitchen, can be a wonderful health booster. It’s little hard to understand this however you heard it correct. It is also known as Nigella sativa, also called as black cumin, roman coriander, black caraway. You generally ought to see this in your kitchen which is looking very little and cute.

Nigella seeds are generally hard and crunchy with a bit of Onion flavored. These are dry roasted in India and used on flatbreads like Naan, Some of them call that is complete with the spices mixture which is from Bengal. These Black seeds are good with potatoes and root vegetables.

However, when you go through the health benefits of them, you admire them and say wow what a black punch. This Black seed is having antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, is very easy to find and versatile in nature.

They are also generally called as a remedy for "everything but death". This really sounds crazy for us to listen; you will get this clarified once you read below the health benefits of these black seeds.

Reduces high blood pressure:

Black seed is a significant form of natural ways to treat the high blood pressure. It reduces the LDL cholesterol levels in the blood of which the natural ways to reduce blood pressure. This has been suggested and approved which is also published in clinical pharmacology.

Postoperative scars treatment:

When a postoperative scar is seen anywhere on the body, the woman gets scared to see as it might affect the beauty of them. So this Nigella sativa can be a protective layer to the peritoneal surfaces and layers up the scars and formation of adhesion.

Best drug for Asthma:

Nigella Sativa is having an anti-asthmatic factor out of which is used a drug which is used for most of the asthma patients. Multiple types of research and Phytomedicine Journal also published this fact that this can be used as a drug for asthma. So, it's recommended taking limited when asthma patients are using this in their regular diet.

Relieves from Sore throat:

We hear about Tonsils which are very common in kids mostly. We are not sure what does that mean and how does it affect our kid's voice. It is a serious concern that we have to take proper care as this can be turning to server pain and loss of vocal cords.

Our Medicine scholars and researchers have given the statements with the proven facts on testing that Black seed is a great effective treatment for throat tissue inflammation which is also called as Acute Tonsillopharyngitis. Black seeds can relieve us from viral Sore throats.

Stop spreading Cervical Cancer:

Black seeds have the extracts of Thymoquinone, which can easily trigger the apoptosis and death of cells, it reduces the cancer progression and slowly initiates the process of stopping cancer cells. This can automatically stop spreading cervical cancer.

Parkinson’s Disease:

As said earlier Thymoquinone an extract from Black seed, will be creating a protective layer to neurons from fighting against the toxicity that is associated with Parkinson’s disease. This is also same with Dementia. This is also one of the best-published articles in Neuron science letters.

Bottom Line:

Most of us know that this is just a black seed available in the market for giving that additional taste to the dishes. However, I believe that you might have understood the benefits of Black seed. So be sure of using it often when you want to be healthy.


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