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7 Everyday Health Benefits of Honey
Jun 13, 2016
7 Everyday Health Benefits of Honey

Have you ever heard of a belief in Greek mythology which states that the omnipresent father of the gods-Zeus was being brought up on honey? Do you know that the oldest human scriptures of Sumerians dating way back to 2000BC prescribing honey for treating wounds?

The cream of the crop liquid which was once considered a heavenly drink by gods is now in a rut constructed only for drizzling the desserts .Pitch in with me to beat the bushes exploring the benefits of this magical viscid liquid!

Why honey?

According to National Honey Board, a tablespoon of honey is fat-free, sodium-free and cholesterol-free with nutritional and medicinal value and gives you 64 calories in total.

Isn’t it interesting! Further to gather enough nectar for one pound of honey, 60,000 bees travel up to 55,000 miles and visit more than 2 million flowers. It is believed that nectar from honey possess life-giving properties and it is told that honey was consumed by mortal men and women centuries ago.

No wonder why there existed gods for bees and honey in Hindus, Greeks, Romans and all Slavic races! It is surely nature’s gift to mankind.

(Interesting fact: “Mead”, an alcoholic drink brewed with honey was used by early Greeks and Romans as libation even before wine was found.)

Why consider it nature’s gift?

For it has a treasure chest of values hidden in it. The natural unprocessed sugar-fructose and sucrose present in honey ameliorate body energy levels by directly entering the bloodstream.

Apart from being an anti-oxidant, energy booster, wound reliever, and memory developer honey has several other benefits too. Take a look at the top seven mostly unknown health benefits of this golden liquid:

1. As Medicine for Gastric Ulcers

Honey has bactericidal properties and is used as a dietary supplement for treatment of Gastric ulcers. Honey administered subcutaneously or orally gives protection against gastric ulcers. Studies reveal that 20% solution of honey can inhibit Helicobacter pylori, a causing agent of gastritis.

2. As a remedy for diarrhea

Intestinal tract and accompanied infection are common around the globe, affecting people of irrespective of age. Diarrhea exacerbates nutritional deficiencies in various ways. 30ml consumption of honey three times a day is found to be effective for the remedy of diarrhea.

3. For treatment of arthritis

Honey contains boron which stimulates hormonal factors resulting in healthy bones. Routine consumption of honey can strengthen bones and serve as a natural medical aid for arthritis.

4. As a cough suppressor:

Honey is listed as a demulcent(a reliever of irritation in mouth or throat by the formation of a protective film.) by the World Health Organization (WHO).A study by Penn State College of Medicine in 2007 suggested that two teaspoons of honey given to children 30 minutes before bed reduced night time coughing and improved sleep quality in them.

5. For reducing side effects in cancer treatment:

In a report from the Russian Academy of Medical Science, patients undergoing radiation therapy for uterine cancer showed a significant decrease in the severity of intestinal morbidity when treated with ‘honey laminoplasty’. The aftereffects of radiation therapy  for cancer patients can be dragged out with the help of honey.

(Note: Consumption of honey may even protect you from occurrence of tumor and cancer as it has anti-mutagenic and anti-tumor properties.)

6. For fighting infections

Honey has a protein, defesin-1 effective in the treatment of chronic wound infections. It was found that “Manuka honey”, a wild variety which can be successfully used to treat the infection called MRSA(Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) which affects different parts of the body.

7. As anti-diabetic agent

Anyone who read this may wonder how honey which is sweeter than anything else on earth is an anti-diabetic agent. For your surprise, it is! When compared to the sugar level production by starchy food, both honey and sucrose have been shown to produce a lower glucose.

Honey in comparison with dextrose causes a significantly lower rise in plasma glucose levels and reduction in blood lipids.

So, this is it!  Get a leg up and take honey to stay in the pink!


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