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Best uses of Asafotedia – Uses in daily life
Aug 27, 2016
Best uses of Asafotedia – Uses in daily life

Spices of Health Benefits

Asofotedia is a plant that has a pungent smell and taste bitter, most of the medical terminology says that is called as Devils Dung. It is a resin, which can be used as medicine and looks as gum-like substance. It is a resin that can be produced by solidifying juice that runs out of the cut made by plants roots.

Breathing Problems

It is very useful for treating breathing problems and chronic bronchitis, swine flu, H1N1, asthma, whooping cough, hoarse Throat and croup. It is best for curing intestinal gastric problems, IBS(irritable Bowel Syndrome.

For Migraine and Headaches

Most of the ancient Ayurvedic doctors use this for insanity, hysteria, convulsions, mental and physical fatigue for depression.

Migraines and headaches are part and parcel of our hectic schedules in today’s world, most of our work include stress and depression which can lead to serious pain, like a migraine. Asafetida can be pain reliever to these problems.

Take a pinch of Asafetida, dissolve it in water and drink, it is definitely a pain reliever.

Blood Pressure

Asafoetida or Hing has a factor of thinning of blood and due to its coumarone, it can prevent blood clotting, has an effect on platelet count. The anticoagulant property and its healing powers act over high triglycerides and cholesterol which can lower Blood pressure.

Menstrual Issues

Most of the menstrual problems like cramps, pain in stomach, irregular periods, can be treated with Asafoetida. This is a herb that is very much useful in the treatment of vaginal infections.

Anti-cancer agent

Asafoetida is an anti-oxidant, which can be perfect protection for all the cells of the body making them radicals free. As per recent researches and studies, Hing has anti-carcinogenic factors that can be stopping the growth of malignant cells.


Asafoetida is best for people with the diabetic disorders as this helps the pancreas to secrete more insulin, as a result, it can decrease the blood sugar levels.

Skin Care

Hing is also used in making more dermatological properties that give more effect on the skin. It can also be used in curing skin corns and calluses. This is mostly used in many skin care creams as well.

Bottom Line

There are lots more spices in our kitchen having many more health benefits in our daily life. So check out the best benefits of each and every spice in our coming articles. 


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