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Cucumber The Summer Doctor
Jun 17, 2016
Cucumber The Summer Doctor

Cucumber, the summer bloomer is one of most cultivated vegetable in the world. You must be very familiar with this greenie while bothering the salad. Cucumber is eaten by all people around the world no matter how diverse or different the culture is because they are one of easiest farmable vegetable.

The best thing about them would be that they are summer beaters! Means they have a lot of water content in them thus adding cucumber in the diet keeps us hydrated and cool. Their origin must be rooted to the Indian subcontinent, but they travelled from there to all patches of land becoming 4th most farmed veggie after onion, tomato and cabbage. Now let us cut the cucumber.

Cucumber, the nutrient store:

They are the powerhouse of nutrients like vitamins and minerals along with a good water content, making them a great on the summers. The fascinating factor is that they are low in calories as well as fat making them a good snack for diabetic’s patients and heart patients. The train of vitamins includes Vitamin A, B1, B6, C, D, B2, B5, B9 and mineral strength accounts with Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, Potassium and Zinc. Thus, cucumber can be consumed as a natural multivitamin and multi-nutrient alternative for tablets.

Cucumber health benefits:

·        Hydrates body: Cucumber is very rich in water content such that eating them would restore and keep the balance of water in our body. Cucumber juice or sliced cucumber is a very great choice in the summer to beat the heat.

·        Guards the brain: People are unaware of the fact that cucumber is rich in an anti-inflammatory agent called fisetin, which helps the brain cells from various physical and chemical impacts, moreover the perks are improving memory, boosting neuron to neuron signaling etc.

·        Wash away wastes: Human body houses a lot of toxins as waste products left after various metabolic activities, the extra water content in the cucumber is a perfect flusher for these wastes.

·        Prevent Cancers: Cucumber is a medicine box in short perspective; it contains polyphenols which help women’s especially in fighting breast, and ovarian cancers.

·        Antioxidant bank: Cucumber is a storehouse for various antioxidants that might come handy for our body is removing free radicals present inside our body. Antioxidants like apigenin, luteolin etc. are present in cucumber making it a healthy vegetable.

·        Hangover remover: Hangover is a normal part of our party life, getting early in morning for work with a hangover would be the greatest task in the world, in order to make that happen eat some slices of cucumber before bed and after waking up, the vitamins and electrolytes in the veggie will help your get recharged go proceed like a lightening.

·        Removes bad breath: There are several reasons for bad breath, but the solution is always one, to get rid of it. Cucumber in the mouth is a perfect choice to make that happen. Moreover, it helps to remove gums problems too.

Cucumber refreshes for summer:

Here are some cucumber refreshments as summer specials:

·        Cucumber- Gin cocktail

·        Cucumber Sesame salad

·        Watermelon with cucumber crushers

·        Fresh Cucumber Juice

·        Cucumber ice bars with lime

·        Cucumber white sauce

·        Indian special cucumber cooler.

So you got the pack, now it’s your duty to unpack and reveal the contents to friends and family to make the summer really cool!


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