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Fish For Weight Loss and Weight Gain
Jul 23, 2016
Fish For Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Fish For Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Among the many creatures on earth, it’s considered that HUMANS are the most precious and intelligent creations of Mother Nature. The major two genders namely are males and females. Depending on the age, gender of the human the weight of the human body either gain or lose. There are various factors which are related to this weight loss and weight gain. Before we know why the people lose weight lets understand the numerous reasons why fish is important for weight gain.

FISH – For Weight Gain:

Generally, the weight of the body is compared with the height of the person; this is governed and measured with the formula which is popularly known as BODY MASS INDEX.

The formula for this body mass index is mentioned as “mass to the square of the height” of the person.

The suggested range for the body mass index is between 18 to 25 for a healthy and normal body. Anything which is more than this is considered to be the obese or overweight side and anything which is less than this considered to be underweight.

Due to various reasons like hereditary, improper food, less nutritious food, improper family care, abnormal lifestyles, place of living and other conditions, people turned to lose the weight.

For them, it’s very important to note that to maintain healthy body condition for a healthy living.

For those who are underweight for them the good option to choose for gaining weight is taking FISH into their food consumptions.

The fish is available in abundance in nature, it lives in water for its entire lifespan, and the planet earth is filled with water more than seventy percent.

There is no scarcity of fish in the market at any place and at a point around the globe.

Fish is generally consumed in its original form by cooking it as a liquid dish, fry fish and dry fish. Nowadays since there are special benefits from the fish many medical companies have started making medicines which are having their qualities and best sources as the alternates for the fish.

Many medicines today are replaced with the raw form of fish, depending on the necessity and on the advice of the medical doctors and experts people should consume these medicines under expert’s supervision.

Among them very famous is “omega 3 fatty acids” the essential fats which are needed to the body and unfortunately our body don’t make this on its own, the essential food has to be consumed by external sources only.

The omega 3 fatty acid, by its name it is a fact, it is advised by many medical experts for the people who wants and prefer to GAIN weight should start using and taking this omega 3 fatty acids in their food at a calculated level of consumption under proper supervision.

Consuming fish in its own form with prepared food or consuming the fish oil will full fill the body daily requirements. Its up to the person or the individual to take in whichever form they want.

The consumption of fish and its related products will help the person in gaining the body mass which is needed and this will be done in its best form without any side effects. Since the source of the food is a natural source.

The studies proved and it's calculated that three ounces of fish food will provide around one twenty-five grams of calories and around twenty grams of protein in its original form.

It’s always good habit and practice not to have or take anything in excess, as the saying goes anything which is excess is always BAD.

As advised by the experts and medical doctors the prescribed amount of food should be consumed for the better gain of weight and for healthy living.

It’s also noticed that excess amount of fish consumption and omega 3 fatty acids will improve the chances of heart strokes and gastric allergies to the human body.

The good thing which is noticed in the cancer patients is that those who consumed the omega 3 fatty acids have gained a little improvement in terms of weight compare the patients who didn’t take this in their food as food supplements.

It’s a good practice for the parents to provide their children with better food intakes for their healthy growth during the child days and during the younger days.

FISH – For Weight Loss:

It’s been found that there are various reasons why people GAIN weight. Among them the major reasons are due to their lifestyle habits, patterns, food discipline, hereditary, less physical works, age, gender and place of living, all these parameters somewhere or the other will contribute the weight gain.

As mentioned if the range of the body mass index is above twenty-five levels, then it’s the caution that the body of an individual is on the overweight and obese side.

Experts from the medical field and doctors suggest the obese people have fish in their food as an alternate to lose the weight.

Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish; people prefer to consume the FISH in its regular form or as capsules which act as food supplements for the people who don’t want to take the fish or consume it in its direct available form due to various and special reasons.

For the people who are overweight and obese consumption of these omegas, 3 fatty acids will help in decreasing the weight. Regular consumption of these omega 3 fatty acids under the experts supervision will help the individuals to reduce the body weight in a due period of time.

Various studies have proved that people who consumed the fish food in whatever form have shown good results of weight loss compare to the people who has reduced their food intake for the sole purpose of weight loss.

There is various kinds of fishes, which are available all around the world, the shape, size and taste of them are different depending on the water in which they are, depending on the geography, sun lights and environment around.

OTHERS – Additional Info:

The overweight of the body might also be the reason when the person or an individual don’t practice the body balance and food discipline.

The intake of the excess calories will form and gets stored as the fat inside the body and when the intake calories are not burned as output from them the chances of weight gaining increase normally and abnormally.

The body also requires regular physical works and exercise, when the body shells out the fats in the form of sweat, the person who does this regularly also feels the body fresh and active.

Its should be out regular practice to have nutritious food in our daily intake and we should also note the daily calories consumption and its daily exertion from the body.

It is also must for an individual to have seafood in their food in regular or periodical consumption. A good practice of food discipline for a consistent period will give good results for the people who either want to increase their weight or lose their weight or to maintain the same at normal levels in healthy condition.


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