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Guava Leaves And Their Benefits
Jun 24, 2016
Guava Leaves And Their Benefits

Guava, Guava Leaves And Their Benefits

Guava which is named for its different taste and also huge set of health benefits.  Not just fruit, leaves also have many health benefits. Guava is mainly rich in vitamin A and vitamin C.  When compared with other health-offering fruits, Guava is much better in offering good health benefits.  For example, one guava contains vitamin C that is 4 times more than the vitamin C present in orange.  Likewise, one guava contains vitamin A that is 10 times more than the vitamin A present in lemon. Guava is not just a rich of vitamin A and vitamin C, it also contains vitamins B2, E and K, fiber, calcium, copper, iron, foliate, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium.  The best prone of guava is that it contains almost zero fat in it.  Along with that, in order to ripe guava, people don’t use most of the chemical on it. 

Let us see what benefits of guava and its leaves are.

1. Best oral health with guava

As we all know, most of us love to eat junk foods on hygienic and healthy foods, which ultimately affects the oral health.  If you are one among them who sacrifices their oral health just for the sake of those unhealthy junk foods, then eat one more food to treat the same oral health issue.  You can eat guava or its leaves to treat oral health issues. Dental plaque is most seen problem in oral health. Guava has anti-plaque properties, which helps in treating oral health issues. 

If you are suffering with bad breath problems, then you can make use of the guava leaves paste to get rid of it.  Also, you can treat the problems of toothaches, swollen gums and ulcers etc using guava leaves.  In order to keep oral health issues away, make a habit of chewing one to two leaves of guava leaves daily.  If you are more concerned about your oral health, then you can make a paste out of the guava leaves by boiling them in water and adding a tiny bit of salt to it. You can use the final solution as a mouthy wash daily.

2. Promotes heart health

Heart health is directly and also indirectly related to hypertension and blood pressure.  Eating a guava daily can help sort this issue.  Just make the quote as “One guava a day will keep you away from heart diseases”.  The potassium present in guava helps in controlling the    blood pressure.  Guava also contains lycopene, which helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.  You can also prepare tea with guava leave, which will help reduce the bad cholesterol levels in your body.

3. Used in treatment of Diarrhea

Guava leaf tea has the ability to prevent and stop bacteria that is causing diarrhea. If you are suffering with Diarrhea, just have a glass or two of guava tea in order to rest your stomach from Diarrhea.  This tea will reduce the symptoms of Diarrhea and sets you and stomach free. Guava fruit is good for digestive system.  So, in order to get rid of digestive issues, make sure you eat at least one guava daily or chew guava leaves daily.

4. Your diabetes in control

As guava is rich in fiber, it helps a great deal in controlling diabetes levels. The fiber present in guava will help in regulating the sugar levels. Guavas eaten without peel are more beneficial here.  Diabetic people can drink guava leaves tea in order to keep their diabetes in control.

5. Promotes good immune system

The presence of vitamin C in guava will help in maintaining good immune levels.  It acts as immunity booster, which thereby helps in protecting our entire body from getting prone to infectious diseases.  Regular intake of guava can help you from getting prone to diseases like clue, cough, cold, flu etc.

6. Fights cancer

Guava has anti-cancer or anti-tumor properties in it.  These properties of guava are mainly due to the presence of lycopene, quercetin, vitamin C, and polyphenols in it.  All these work as antioxidants that protect the free radicals from damage and thereby reduce the risk of cancer.  Extracts from guava can also help in reducing the size of prostate tumors.  It can also reduce the risk of cancers like mouth, breast, skin, stomach, colon, and lung cancer.

7. Improves eye sight

Guava contains vitamin A in it, which helps in improving eye sight. The cornea of the eye can be maintained healthily with the help of guava.  Night blindness, which is a result of vitamin A deficiency, can be treated using regular intake of guava.  Vitamin C present in Guava also promotes retinal health.  Age related vision problems can also be treated with the help of guava. 

8.  Promotes smart functioning of your brain

Guava can also help you with improving your brain functions. It sharpens your brain and improves your focus.  The vitamin C present in guava can help to deal with brain and its healthy functioning. Along with vitamin C, vitamins like B3 and B5 in guava improves blood circulation in the brain.  The potassium level in guava helps in improving our memory power.

9.  Promotes healthy skin

Red guava has a lot of benefits for skin. Red guava can help reducing aging process by dealing with the free radicals of the skin.  Vitamin C of guava can help encourage the production of collagen and elastin, which help in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. 

10. Treats thyroid problems

Most of the people these days are suffering with thyroid problems. Guava, which is a rich source of copper, can help you treat thyroid problems.  Copper present in Guava helps in controlling the process of hormone production and absorption, and thus improves the functioning of thyroid gland.  Potassium present in guava helps in improving the functioning of thyroid gland.

These are the best benefits of guava and its leaves.  It is a tasty fruit, which is incorporated with best health benefits.  Try to include at least one fruit of guava in your diet.



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