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Health Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil
Jun 18, 2016
Health Benefits Of Hemp Seed Oil

You might have heard about hemp plant, so there is nothing much to explain that hemp oil is from hemp plant. When someone says ‘hemp’, it suddenly creates worry lines on the forehead, because this plant belongs to cannabis species, yes the very brother of Marijuana, they all fall under same genus.

But don’t neglect this plant because someone misuse others in their genus, they house some of the best health plus factors within them. The key factor that keep them away from the abusers are, Hemp oil has significantly very low quantity of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the chemical component that makes its user high. 

Well, the plant as a whole is capable of making oil, but mainly its seeds are the heart of oil harvest which has fatty acids in them. Cold pressing, in which the plant is squeezed for the juice later refined to commercialize it, but some companies do a solvent extraction for maximum oil exploitation.

Modern oil extraction strategies have lowered the THC content as low as 4 ppm (parts per million) which is under green zone.

So, how good is hemp oil for our health?

·        Heart Friendly: - Hemp oil has a perfect blend of omega fatty acids that helps our heart to function properly, regulating proper cardiovascular circulation and helps our body preventing organ malfunctions.

·        Brain Tonic: - You might have heard about DHA content in some health drinks, docosahexaenoic acid is an important compound that helps in brain development especially for pregnant mothers. Hemp oil is lucky very rich in this compound so adding supplemental hemp in diet would help you as well as your newborn.

·        Moisturizer: - They have a special property to make the skin soothing by eliminating dryness. They contain anti-oxidants that help the skin glow and keep it moisturized.

·        Intestinal Aid: - We all have a millions of microbial growth inside our intestine that helps our system working, Hemp oil if found to offer a growth aid for the flora inside our intestine thus enhancing our absorption pattern.

·        Protein store: - Unlike other oils, hemp oil has high protein content as that of egg and meat. So they can be included in the diet to get some quality protein, giving a change over usual cooking oil.

Nutritional Info:

Hemp oil contains a very high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acid over saturated fatty acid. For your info, the polyunsaturated fatty is the one that our body require, whereas saturated is bad for health. It is estimated that nearly 80% of the hemp oil is comprised of good fatty acid and the undesirable one only accounts for 10% in total.

Moreover, hemp oil contains the omega 3 fatty acid and omega 6 fatty acid in a desirable proportion of 3:1, which helps our heart, immune system, metabolism and various other body functions. They are rich in factors like Vitamin E, Carotene, Potassium, Sulfur, phospholipids etc.


Most awaited question: Does it make me high?

Well, in general, they won’t make you high because they are deficient of the ‘high factor’ THC. But if the oil is not from a legal source then there is chance that there might be considerable amount of THC and CBD in them which might have the potential to kick it up.

Make sure that the oil id from a legal source which uses an extraction technique like cold pressing to keep the THC amount literally nil.

So that’s what hemp oil is, they pack in enough goodish factors to add a blush to your health. After extensive researches, now they are being used in medicine preparation, therapies and in cosmetics. Now it’s your try!


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