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How Tea Tree Oil Helps in Treating Keloids
Jun 16, 2016
How Tea Tree Oil Helps in Treating Keloids

Tea Tree Oil For Keloids Treatment

Keloids-the name though frightful is not harmful to health. This dermatological condition can affect a person’s look. It can create discomfort and irritation. It is better not to expose keloids to the sun as it becomes darker than the skin around it. 

The tanning is difficult to be removed if keloids are smaller. No special treatment is necessary, but if larger, treatments like freezing, radiation etc. are used. Surgery and laser treatment are also effective in removing keloids

Steroid treatment though effective after effects, and pain prevents people from using it. To reduce the pain doctors mix anesthetic so as to ease the discomfort. Keloids usually develop around a scar due to excess protein collagen. It is thick, irregularly shaped and smooth at the top. 

Scars usually fade with time, but this is not the case of keloids. According to National Institute of Health, keloids occur between ages of 10 and 30.  They are just fibrous scars and not infections. Keloids can develop anywhere and its color ranges from pink to red.

Tea Tree oil for Keloids- The natural remedy

People always opt for methods that are less painful. So it is better to try safe methods for removing keloids. A natural method for this is the application of tea tree oil, which is obtained from the leaves of Melaleucaalternifolia plant. Oil is extracted by the steam distillation of the leaves. It smells like fresh camphor, eucalyptus or nutmeg. It can be colorless, or pale yellowish-green oil. 

The leaves have antibiotic, antibacterial, antiprotozoal and antifungal properties. Terpinen-4-ol the major component in it is responsible for antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties as it can activate human monocytes, which are considered as the big eaters of the immune system.  

Monocyte defends the body against various infectious agents and destroys it. Tea tree oil can be used to cure big abnormal scars and keloids. They go deep into skin layers and flatten it. It is also a relief to the patient as it reduces itching sensation associated with it. The color of keloids reduces and lump softens. When used continuously it gives a good result.

Much more from tea tree oil
This herbal oil cannot give sudden relief like surgery.  Though a natural remedy, it doesn’t mean that it has no side effects. But the percentages of side effects are comparatively low if used carefully according to given directions. 

As it is an extract, the regular application on the affected area is a must to get the required effect. Either apply it directly or apply after mixing with Vitamin E oil. Its mild application gives a cooling effect.

Usually, people have a tendency to apply creams in large amount to get quick relief. Here it gives you the adverse effect. So use oil in diluted form only otherwise, it causes skin allergy. This is due to the presence of 1-8 cineole, a skin irritant in it Allergy becomes aggressive with oxidized tree tea oil. 

Oxidation occurs when the oil is exposed to air and light. Never use the oil orally, since it can cause drowsiness, disorientation and rash and can even lead to coma.

Things to be taken care while using tea tree oil

As said earlier, a plethora of this oil may make the problems even worse. There are many other things to be considered too. Do not expose the oil to light, heat, air and moisture, as it affects the stability of essential oils. Always store it in dark, cool and dry condition. 

Keep the oil away from eyes, inner nose and other sensitive parts of the body. Before use, it is always better to do a small skin patch test on arm or leg to make sure that it does not have any allergic effect. The oil is highly volatile, so it has to be used with great care. 

The composition of the oil is influenced by its variety, climatic factors, and distillation methods. Tea Tree oil, a strong disinfectant if used properly can cure keloids.


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