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Saffron Health Benefits
Jun 17, 2016
Saffron Health Benefits
Saffron in botanical terminology is called Crocus Sativus this is derived from genus of Iridaceae. Saffron tastes bitter and little spicy with cooling effect.

This is a colorful spice which looks thread like strands of golden yellow color with the properties as antiseptic, anti oxidant, anti convulsing and anti depressant. This is used in many traditional ways of Ayurvedic treatment.

Along with medicinal properties it is benefited with the healthy instincts, which made it a best ingredient in most of the International Cuisine. Medicated benefits of Saffron are spell bounding with wonderful soothing effect on body.

Most of the Ayurvedic herbs are known to be over heat when taken in large quantities. So mainly all the natural products need to be taken in limited and advised quantities along with other cooling electrolyte drinks which can be balanced on neutrality.

How to check originality of saffron?

When you are yet to take Saffron in its purest form, just try to test it in simple terms. When you dip purest Saffron in water it leaves clear water. If you observe red or Orange color then believe that it is not purest form.

If you want to check in general terms, then just take a little Saffron and rub it with your fingers, you can see golden yellow oily stains on your fingers. Saffron tastes little bitter and peppery, you can also feel aromatic smell.

This is very much useful in clearing many health issues. Saffron is a great support in problems like

- Digestion problems

- Lung problems

- Eye problems

- Stones in kidney

- Psoriasis

- Skin tone Improvement

- Brain development

By seeing the list of benefits, you might want to rush to stores to get the original Saffron. So here we have given few home remedies for you, read the article below.

Stones in Kidney:

Take fresh grapes and mix 2-5 petals of Saffron in it; blend it for 2 minutes and drink once in 2 days until you get the problem resolved.

  • Take the trunk part of Rajavruksha tree and powder it.
  • Now mix the powder with 4 petals of Saffron and make it like a paste.
  • Apply on affected areas until the pigment color start changing.
Eye problems:
Take 1 tbsp lime juice and 3 petals of Saffron mix it or make it like a solution.
Apply on eyes and relax for 10 minutes and then wash off with cold water.
Try doing this weekly once to see the benefits.

Skin Tone Improvement:

Saffron - 10gms
Rasa Sindooram- 25gm
Himalayan Pink rock salt - 50gms
Lemon juice - 50gms
Wax - 50gms
Camphor - 80gms
Kasturi turmeric - 1/2 gm
Sandalwood powder - 4 gm

Mix all the above ingredients in a glass bowl and blend it.
Apply on face and leave it for 15 minutes.
Wash off with cold water.
You can find skin tone improved and clear skin in natural way.
Use this pack twice a week.

Note: You can also store this pack in refrigerator for a week.

For Pregnant women:
We have been hearing that food taken by pregnant women will be distributed in the form of vitamins and supplements to both fetus and mother.

From 6th month, pregnant women have to take this Saffron mixed in milk 3 days in a week. This is because brain and body bones development of fetus start from 6th month and Saffron play a major role in development of them.Research have proves that fetus with better brain improvement had certainly included Saffron in the mothers diet.

It is advised by doctors that it should be taken in less quantity as it can cause major overheat in the body which leads to miscarriages.

Bottom Line:
Saffron is more beneficial plant which is rarely grown in cool climatic conditions. Most of its effects are trustworthy as they are already used from our ancestral generations, and are proven with all the best benefits mentioned above. Hopefully this article helps you in knowing more about Saffron and health benefits.

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