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Top Best Herbal Benefits of Nutmeg
Aug 03, 2016
Top Best Herbal Benefits of Nutmeg

Nutmeg is spice which all the woman use in the kitchen on regularly, however, can anyone imagine or think of herbal benefits associated with this can leave your face, leave blank.  This is a hard looking brown in color spice which has bitter and sweet spicy flavor. Nutmeg also produces "Mace" which looks like a red color membrane or the covering on the seed.

Usage of Nutmeg is the USA is used as a spice for a number of dishes stewed pork, cordials, alcoholic beverages, snack foods, roast mutton, fruit juices, sweet sauces, pies, milk products dishes, soups, gravies, gelatins, breakfast cereals, and puddings.

Scientific or Botanical Name- Myristica fragrans Henlt.


Nutmeg is a tree which grows tall even up to 70 feet. Nutmeg seed, oil and seed coat can be used which have a lot of health benefits.

Nutrition Facts of Nutmeg:

Amount per 100 grams

Calories 525

% Daily Value

Total Fat 36 g                       55%

Saturated fat 26 g                130%

Polyunsaturated fat              0.4 g   

Monounsaturated fat            3.2 g   

Cholesterol 0 mg                  0%

Sodium 16 mg                      0%

Potassium 350 mg               10%

Total Carbohydrate 49 g       16%

Dietary fiber 21 g                   84%

Protein 6 g                              12%

Vitamin A                                2%   

Vitamin C                                5%

Calcium                                  18%   

Iron                                         16%

Vitamin D                                0%   

Vitamin B-6                             10%

Vitamin B-12                           0%   

Magnesium                             45%

Nutmeg  medicinal qualities:

Rasa – Taste – Tikta (Bitter), Katu (pungent)

Vipaka – Katu – Undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion

Many therapeutic traditional medicines and cures are taken care by nutmeg due to its anti-fungal, aphrodisiac, digestive, carminative functions and anti-depressant factors. 

It has many vital and essential vitamins like B-complex vitamins, Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Niacin, Folic acid and many flavonoids and antioxidant like cryptoxanthin and beta-carotene as also essential for the health.

Treats ACNE and acts as Natural Scrub:

Skin care is the main task that most of the women give importance in this world of beauty ladies, here we got the Natural Scrubber which can clear all the dead skin cells from your skin, leaving enhancing skin to you.

Nutmeg powder 1 tbsp and orange lentil powder 1 tbsp mixed together and used as scrubber can remove acne, blackheads and also removes SCARS from the face. You can also use honey and nutmeg powder equal quantities and apply directly on acne to see a wonderful result.

Best in Treating Arthritis

In Chinese medical treatment, this nutmeg oil is used for inflammation and Abdominal pains. Due to its Anti-inflammatory properties, nutmeg oil can be great working for the Joint pains. People, who have Lumbago or Rheumatoid Arthritis, massage with this oil on the affected places as this acts as an immediate reliever from pains and is natural which can never harm your skin or body.

Help in Acne and Inflammation:

In Ayurvedic, the spice is highly rewarded for its anti bacterial and anti microbial properties, which is a major reason of blemishes, Acne, redness and unclogged blocked pores by controlling the oiliness and dirt from the skin. It acts as a natural Astringent for the removal of even Hormonal acne from the skin.

Brain Tonic:

Greek and Roman civilizations used to give this nutmeg soup as a brain tonic as Nutmeg can act as a stimulator of the brain.  This is generally given as a medicine with the people suffering from anxiety and stress. Nutmeg has the qualities of improving concentration. This can also be a great benefit to the kids for their studies and people who work a lot.

Stops Bad Breath:

Halitosis or bad breath is mostly common in all the people and age groups, this can be cured by using Nutmeg. Nutmeg can remove the bacteria from the mouth and most of the toothpaste, use this as a main ingredient in making best products in branding. It can also treat gum problems and teeth problems.

Detoxify Liver and Kidney

When you generally get to know, if you are having liver problem or stones in the kidney, you feel that your life is going to be an end. There isn’t anything which can’t be cured as nature has given us all the solutions for our body pains and healers on this earth.

We get toxins accumulated in our body by a number of habits, Unusual diet, tobacco, pollution, stress, and unwanted toxins intake.  All these toxins can be cleared by Nutmeg.

Take 1 gm of Nutmeg in Milk or Tea twice a day, this can leave help you in making you sleep happily in the night and acts as a toxin clearing agent in the early morning.

Bottom Line:

Good to know the information is that it can clear or dissolve the Kidney stones from the body as this is very easy for Nutmeg. Such a wonderful SPICE is just lying there in the kitchen. Just go and grab it soon.


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