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10 Best Lip Shades For Winter
Feb 09, 2017
10 Best Lip Shades For Winter

Top Lip Shades For Winter

Women’s beauty is admirable and adorable.  They themselves are beauty assets inside out.  They are endowed with beauty from top to bottom. They are the inspiration for most of the named romantic poets. 

Sometimes they are beyond beautiful with their beautiful acts on.  In order to refine upon their beauty they tend to use make up products and try to beautify themselves a lot.  Women’s lips are beauty enhancing factors.  They color their lips with attractive lip colors to embellish their lips.

The trend and fashion are always twinned with the season.  The environmental changes bring a lot of changes on our skin.  It is a well-versed fact that the skin dries out in winter season and the skin gets oily in summer season because of the environmental changes and temperature fluctuations. 

So there is a great need to go along with the seasons to protect the skin and of course health.  Every season has a trend and every season has a style to follow.

In winter season we use sweaters to bear the cold freezing air and in summer season we take the help of air conditioners to stop the sweat.  Likewise, even lips shades have seasons.  With the change of season we have to change the shades of lipsticks too.  There are wide range of shades and brands of lipsticks available in the market.

Why choosing different lips shades for fall

As the winter season is right here there is a big need for us to match up with the trend of fall.  In the days of yore, people used to choose the blood red color lip stick for winter season.  That is the most common lip color used by most of the women, but time has changed and now people are trying hard to look unique in their own way.

There are many lip colors that were especially designed for fall.  These shades of lipsticks will give you angelic and elegant looking lips.  In winter season most of the women prefer to wear vibrant and darker shades of clothing are used. 

In order to compliment the vibrant and intense shades of both the outfit and the makeup, intense lip shades are used.  Even though you prefer light makeup, without a lip color the makeup is incomplete.

So we are here to provide our lovely readers with superb shades of lip colors that are especially recommended for fall.

Top lip shades for winter

Purple Passion

Purple is the color of imagination.  It combines the stability of blue and the energy of energy of red.  Purple is associated with royalty. It symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.  This shade of this fall lipstick is introduced by Estee Lauder into the market.  This is a pure and strong color that helps in fashioning your lips they way you like it to be.  Purple is a class color in dark shades that goes well on intense colored outfits.

Brick Red

This brick red is one of the best shades that go well in the fall.  It goes absolutely well with the intense outfits that we choose to wear in the fall mostly.  Brisk red color, which is introduced by the brand NARS is one the best brands.  This shade of brick red is especially released into the market for the fall.  This lip color is a bit transparent and semi matte and this gives a complete soothing and velvety look to your lips with its wonderful shade.

Ripe Berry

This brand of lipstick is introduced by the one of the most popular and established brands named Lancôme. This is one of the utmost famous shades form that brand.  This color is available in the Rose Couture Lipstick collection of the brand.  This color is up-to-datish color for the fall.

Beige Suede

This lip brand is especially designed by Channel for the fall.  This is mainly designed with a feature to long lasting stay on the lips. This lip color is the best choice to put on your lips on the sunny mornings of the winter as well as the misty mornings of the winter. This lip color is included in their collection Lip Color in Pensive.

Goth Girl

As the name suggests this is a darker shade of lip color.  Women who prefer to wear only darker and intense shades of outfits this lip color is hot best choice for them.  The intense color of the lipstick is picture perfect for winter season.  This lipstick is manufactured by the brand Laura Mercier.  This is a creamy color balm collection of the brand.

Mauve Move

The iconic and ideal brand YSL has introduced this Mauve Move brand lipstick.  This is an archetype shade that is concretely designed for winter by YSL.  The shade of the lipstick is in fuchsia color and it is shiny in texture.  The shiny feature of the lipstick will let your lips glow in the breezy winter evenings and in the beautiful night sky.

Fine Wine

This lip shade is from the most popular brand L’Oreal Rich Paris.  This shade of lip color is a must try as it is a product from the most promising brand L’Oreal Rich Paris.  As the name suggests it gives exclusive red shade to your lips.

True Blood

Red is all time trendy and fashionable color.  It is an all time favorite for most of the women.  This is stylish yet bold lip color among all other colors.  It beats out all other colors with its color.  This true blood color is introduced by the top brand MAC. This lipstick comes with a shiny texture, which gives a shiny and glossy look to the lips.  This lip color looks perfect for evening parties.

Soft Melon

Unlike other intense shades that were designed for fall, this is a shade of winter that is soft and bright in color.  This lip color is from one of the top brands Giorgio Armani.  This lip color is apt for evenings in the winter season.


These are the top lip shades for winter that were specifically designed for fall.  Try them out this fall and enjoy coloring lips.  


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