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12 Best Ways to Get Soft Shiny Lips Naturally
Feb 10, 2017
12 Best Ways to Get Soft Shiny Lips Naturally

Best Ways to Get the Super Soft Shiny Lips Naturally


Who doesn’t want their lips to be in pink?  Pink is the color that brings attractiveness to your face.  Generally, people don’t take much care of their lips at all seasons. Especially in the winter season when your lips become dry and lose their moisture, take proper care of them.

The market is filled with a variety of lip balms and lotions for protecting lips.  But side effects they bring with them cannot be overlooked.  They make our lips black because of the chemical content present in them.  So, instead of going out and spending your precious money on those lip products, it would be better to use naturally made lip products for your lips.

Lips are most beautiful part of our face.  Few people go crazy for their lips. Here we are providing you with few tips to make your lips “just pink”.   Try these and get amazing results.

1. Apply ghee on your lips before sleeping. Lips absorb ghee which will make them smooth and soft.  This is the best tip for people with dry lips.  You can get rid of your dry lips by applying ghee on them.

2. Take some rose petals and soak them in milk for a whole night.  Use that solution on your lips as a moisturizer every night before going to bed.  Your lips will become soft and pink for sure.

3. You can also apply olive oil and honey. Take both in equal proportions and mix them well.  Apply it on your lips before sleeping.

4. If you want to protect your lips from dust and pollution, apply petroleum jelly when you go outside.

5. You have to avoid some habits which generally darken your natural lip color. Try to avoid smoking and alcohol.

6. Apply butter that is extracted from pure milk on your lips.  This acts as a moisturizer.

7. Another tip you have to follow is, drink plenty of water.  It keeps you hydrated and maintains a good moisture level in your body.

8. Take plenty of vegetables like cucumber, carrot etc.  Take fruits like watermelon which are rich in water content.

9. Add both honey and glycerin and apply it on your lips daily before sleeping.

10. Use pomegranate seeds which are red and pinkish in color, they will make your lips pink with their natural color.

11. Once in a week apply scrub on your lips and gently massage your lips with a brush or by hand.

12. Take few petals of roses and grind it with 2 spoons of milk and apply it on lips.

Lips have sensitiveness, so we would recommend you to maintain that by lessening unnecessary Lip colors and maintain them with home remedies. Pink color lips represent healthiness.  Choose not only your lip color but your health too by following the above tips.


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