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7 Shocking Facts About Lip Bleeding
Feb 10, 2017
7 Shocking Facts About Lip Bleeding

Lips are a very delicate and important part of the human face as a beautiful and healthy lip acts as an icing on the cake. But, it is also true because of its delicate nature, it requires a lot of care and maintenance.

The face is the apple of one's eye and one cannot tolerate if any damage occurs to it, in front of their eyes. There is a very common issue that arises with the lips is the bleeding, which can make you a standing joke among the crowd. Bleeding lips not only gives an ugly look, but it is also very painful and irritating.

What can be the causes behind a bleeding lip?  It is a common question of many, the causes or the secret behind the lip bleeding are:

1. Skin infection:

If there is an infection in the skin of a person then there are possible chances that lips will be affected as it is a delicate part of the skin. It is generally caused due to inflammation in the skin, which can affect the entire skin of the body or any one part. If you have any symptoms of skin infection, then you must go for medical care.

2. Lip injury:

It is a very normal reason that bleeding may occur when the lips get injured. If the living body part of a person is injured then it is obvious that it causes bleeding. Lip injury is not to worry cause as it can be treated and cured with the application of antiseptics and ointments.

3. Oral cavity cancer:

Lip is a very important part of the oral cavity of a human, hence, if a person suffers from the cancer of the oral cavity, then the lips are also equally affected. Even, of the major symptoms of this cancer includes sore and bleeding lips.

When it comes to the problem of cancer, it is recommended to get medical treatment as soon as possible. The treatment is available for this issue, including radiation and many others.

4. Surgical wound:

If there is, any wound on the body of a person then it is obvious that bleeding will occur from that point. These wounds are often caused due yo surgery, which may be due to strong medicines which are induced because of the surgical process.

These wounds which are caused due to surgery are referred as surgical wounds. One of the causes of bleeding of the lip is this surgical wound and it should be treated with care so that it gets completely cured.

5. Allergic reaction:

As it is noted before that lips are very delicate part of humans, which makes it weak when it comes to allergic reaction. If your lips are suffering from the allergic reaction, then it will bleed. Actually, this reaction is a response or the immune system to a particular allergen, in simple words, the struggle of the immune system with harmful allergens causes allergic reactions.

It is a very common phenomenon and its severity can range from mild to life-threatening. It can be classified as skin allergy and food allergy, it is very important to get proper medical attention if bleeding is occurring due to this reason.

6. Lip cancer:

One of the major symptoms of lip cancer is the bleeding from the lips. This type of cancer is a very rare form of cancer and is treatable with ease if caught at a very stage. This cancer occurs due to an uncontrollable growth of cancer cells in the lips of a person. It is very important to go through medical soon because with time it penetrates deeper into the oral cavity.

7. Skin cancer:

During a skin cancer, any part of the skin is affected and many times, bleeding from the lip is a major symptom because it is attacked first by the cancer cells. Before this cancer captures the whole body, it is advised to go through the required medical care.

Bottom Line:
Can you imagine your face without lips? Of course not, as a maximum of your daily tasks is performed with the assistance of lips only including, eating, talking, drinking and many others. So, it is very important to provide proper care for them as to get a revived and healthy one.


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