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Awesome Lipstick Super-Matte
Feb 09, 2017
Awesome Lipstick Super-Matte

The matte look is one of the favorite choices of lipstick for the fall season, but it is equally true that this shade gives a perfect and superior only if you are known to the right technique of applying it. It's nothing to worry, here is the right step by step technique for getting a velvety and perfect lips.

Exfoliate your lips:

The smooth lips are very important to get a perfect matte look because the lipsticks with a matte texture used to get blocked in the cracks of your lips which gives a very odd look to your lips. You can remove the dead skin with the use of lip scrub available, but make sure that you are making a correct choice.

Apply a primer:

The matte lipstick is a little dry and tight in nature and if you apply this to your bare lips directly then it may make you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. It is very important to apply a lip balm at the base so that the lipstick looks shiny and glossy all day long. A small amount of moisturizer applied to the lips cannot affect the look and color of the lipstick, but it will make it weightless and long lasting.

Use the right brush:

This lipstick does not give much content of moisture that makes it difficult to spread it. It is important to choose the correct thing for applying the lipstick as it may give an uneven tone to your lips.

Apply skin colored powder:

After applying the lipstick to your lips then provide a finishing look to your lips by applying a skin colored powder all around the skin near the lips. It is a small but important thing that is needed to be done to get a perfect finish.

Line the lips:

It is very important to line the lips when it comes to the lipstick of this kind. You have to define the boundaries of the lips very precisely and carefully. Colour half of your lips with the help of the lip liner and when you will apply lipstick to it, then you will get a perfect finish and color texture.

Sheer gloss:

If you are uncomfortable with the bold look of the lipstick, then you can cut down the boldness of the lipstick by applying a sheer lip gloss to the lips that will give a little shiny and dewy look to the lips.


It has been noticed that if you apply this lipstick, then it makes your lips look smaller. If you want bolder lips, then you can apply a lip highlighter to the middle of the lips as it works as a counter effect and adds volume to your lips. It is better to use a powder highlighter for this purpose because they give more realistic and attractive look.


When the lipstick starts fading then you generally apply one more layer to the lips, but in the case of this lipstick one layer is dry enough and if you will apply one more layer to it then it will make your lips uneasy and tight. It is said to remove the lipstick completely from the lips if you want to reapply it. Take out the lipstick from the lips with the help of the tissue then start again the process of reapplying the lipstick.


This lipstick is a little tricky and difficult to remove as they are a little dry in nature. You can apply vaseline or any similar product to the tissue, then try to remove the lipstick as they will make the lips wet and helps in the removal of the lipstick properly.

Bottom line:

The matte lipstick is a fear for many women as they feel it difficult to carry because they feel that their lips are dry, tight and uncomfortable. But if you go for the right technique of applying this lipstick, then nothing can be a barrier for you to rock with a perfect matte look.


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