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Dakota Johnson’s Red Lipstick Story on lasting Night Long
Feb 09, 2017
Dakota Johnson’s Red Lipstick Story on lasting Night Long

The bold lipstick is the best choice for the night outs and night parties as it provides the face a stunning and attractive look. But it is equally true that there is a fear of losing that glamorous look after some time, which one has just after applying the shade.

The shade starts fading after having dinner or after having drinks and it may also stain the glasses or utensils you are using in the due course. These reasons make it important to get a lipstick that does not fade with ease and provides you a long lasting sexy look all night long.

The Dakota Johnson's red lipstick fulfils all the criteria for a perfect night out look which is the reason behind the amazing popularity of this product. But the right technique of applying this long lasting lipstick should be known to you so that you can acquire the marvellous look, have a look:

• Start with a primer:

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to apply a light lip balm to the lip so that it acquires a moisturized state. It is very important to prepare the lips by applying moisturizing balm and let it absorb properly before applying any lip colour to them.

If the lipstick is applied with a moisturized lip, then it gives a fresh and pulpy look otherwise after some time of application the cracks on the lips become visible, which is not at all comfortable and may also spoil your mood or photographs.

• Removal of flakes:

Take care that if you are feeling that the lips are a little dry, then make sure that the flakes are removed with the help of lip scrub or brush so that a fine look is acquired. If there is a presence of flakes on the lip then you will never get a smooth and lovely texture on the lips and it causes the appearance of small lifted portions of the lips.

• Apply the first coat:

After the balm is perfectly spread then apply the first coat of lip colour is applied at the centre of the lips and then spread all around the lips to form the base coat. This coat is to be applied very carefully by taking care that it would not exceed the lip boundaries so it is recommended to spread the layer with your finger if you are not experienced with the use of the stick.

• Use a pencil:

It is important that the lipstick is applied inside the boundaries so apply lip pencil to define the boundaries and then apply another layer of lip shade. It is said to use a pencil that is a similar shade of the lipstick you are applying, and it should be smudge free as it works as a protector of the colour applied to the lips.

• Final coat:

To make sure that the shade penetrates deeper into the lips so that the colour is locked and provides a long lasting effect, apply a second coating of the lip colour deeply or according to the shade what you wish to attain. Apply a thicker layer if you want deeper shade otherwise apply according to your requirement.

• Brushing with a powder:

At the end, provide a finishing look to the lips by applying powder along the edges of the lips with the help of the brush.

Bottom line:

This is the story of the lipstick which has gained amazing popularity among the masses after her long lasting lipsticks in Fifty Shades of Grey. Red lipstick is a very seductive and attractive colour, but one should know the way of carrying it as there are more chances of its messing up.

After that, she proved that the red lipstick shade can be combined with other makeup products in a perfect manner. The sexy, attractive and long lasting effect are the qualities which are served by the way of applying lipstick used by Dakota Johnson.


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