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Easy Fall Makeup Look-Berry Lips
Feb 09, 2017
Easy Fall Makeup Look-Berry Lips

After long summers and warm weather, you were definitely fed up with those makeup techniques for that season. It's time for the rocking fall season and to rock it by trying something special that will complement this season best.

If you have a look for this then the results will end definitely end on the berry makeup. The berry color is a rich and flattering color that can transform your look by providing a very fresh and attractive look.

It is not a Herculean task to get a beautiful and attractive look this fall if you apply this color as your beauty enhancer. But it is very easy to get different and a marvelous look by including this color as the base of the lip, eyes, and cheeks makeup.

The step by step technique of complying your face with the attractive lip shade for some big occasion including marriage or engagement is provided in the next lines:

• The first thing you need to do is to apply a light moisturizer on your face so that the skin remains new and fluffy.

• The second step is the choice of a foundation for your skin as foundations are available in different shades in the market and for an enhanced look the right selection matters a lot.

You can match it with your skin in the mirror and then apply it on your skin evenly. There are various techniques of applying it too, as it can spread with a brush or with foam so, choose the right technique according to your suitability.

• Next, use a highlighter or concealer to cover the spots of pimples or dark circles around the eyes as they do not give a perfect look to the face.

• A light dusting of the skin is important and for this purpose, you can choose a face powder that will give a finished look to the face.

• It's time to add blush to your cheeks and it is very important to choose some light shades including the golden shade so that the berry look of the lips can be perfectly visible.

• Next, come to the eyes and apply a brownish or golden eye shade to the lids. For a more perfect and attractive look, you can paint your lids with two different shades then apply an eyeliner according to your choice to get a little bigger eye.

• Paint your eyelashes and brows with a mascara, but make sure that applying mascara is a careful task as it may ruin your hard work which you have invested in the makeup.

• Finally, it's time for the lips, choose the lipstick and the lip liner of a reputed brand only which promises for a long lasting effect. Apply a primer to the lips and define the boundaries so that the lipstick does not spread outside the lip which can let your impression down in the crowd.

Apply the shade of berry lipstick evenly all around the lips and step outside with an amazing fall look.

This was all about some special occasion, but if you are just applying this shade on your lips when you step out of home for any purpose, then even if you are not applying anything else on the face this shade will enhance your face automatically and gives a fresh look to the face. If you are at sea about the easy and simple makeup technique this season then trusts berry lips with closed eyes.

Bottom line:

The berry color is very attractive and complete in itself, which makes it a perfect product to be used as a perfect lip shade. Even if you are not using any other makeup product with this lip shade, you will get a complete and beautiful look. It takes a fraction of minutes to get ready if you are in a hurry for this office or college this fall season. Just apply this juicy and fresh lip color and get berry lips that will provide a very lovely and adorable look.


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