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Easy Ombre Glitter Lip Gloss
Feb 09, 2017
Easy Ombre Glitter Lip Gloss

If you are fed up with those old and simple makeup techniques, especially regarding the lip makeup, then getting ombre glitter lip gloss is an amazing and easy makeup technique that will serve you with a totally different look.

The hunt for a different lip makeup ends here only as this lip makeup comply best with the night outs and dinner parties. Women have a misconception that it is very difficult to acquire the glossy lips and they don't even try to apply this technique to them.

If you are one of them, then you are wrong as this makeup can be easily applied by following the steps mentioned in the lines below:

1. Collect the required tools:

First, make sure that you have the required makeup tools for getting the defined look, the tools required are; waterproof foundation, waterproof makeup gel, two makeup glitter pods, lip liner and lip brush.

2. Apply the foundation:

Now it's time to make your lipstick long lasting by building a perfect and a waterproof base on the lips. For this purpose, take a little amount of foundation on the brush and then apply it finely and uniformly all over the lips. This will be the base for the makeup you will apply further on the lips so it is important to build it very perfectly and carefully.

3. Line your pout:

The next thing you have to do is to take the lip liner and build the shape of your pout. It is a very important step for a perfect lip makeup as it will define the boundaries of the lips in which the further processes are to be performed. Pay attention to the symmetry and shape of your lips when you are drawing, lip liner and even you can extend the boundaries of your lips to get a fuller look.

4. Color your lips:

It's time to cover the part of the lips filled with foundation, for this take the lip liner and use it to cover the foundation by sketching it all around the lips. Once the whole lips are covered with the lip liner's shade, then you are done.

5. Blend the lip gel and base glitter together:

When the glitter is put out of the container and you apply them on your lips directly then there are chances of flaking. If you want to ensure a long lasting effect, then mix the base glitter with a waterproof lip gel as this will give a long lasting effect to your lips. Do not mix a very large amount of glitter and gel together as it may cause wastage so start with a drop of gel and glitter always.

6. First coat:

The selection of the colour of the glitter should be made very carefully and wisely as it must suit the colour of the lip liner you are using. Take an amount of blended glitter and gel with a clean brush and then start applying it on your lips. Make sure that you start with the edges and then apply it uniformly all around the lips covering each and every part.

7. Blend accent glitter with gel:

Take a small amount of accent glitter and mix it with the waterproof gel in the same manner as done in the case of the base glitter. The colour selection is a very important factor to get a perfect ombre glittery look so make a wise choice. After blending the glitter take it in a clean brush and then apply it in the same way you had applied the base glitter.

Bottom line:

This type of lip makeup gives a very heavy look to your face so it is said to combine it with light and simple eye makeup so that you will not get an overloaded look. You can get diamond glittering lips with ease if you follow the right technique of decorating your lips. In this makeup look, the lips are the center of attraction of the face as it is visible from a distance.


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