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How to Get Larger Natural-Looking Lips With Makeup
Feb 09, 2017
How to Get Larger Natural-Looking Lips With Makeup

There are many makeup techniques which suit with only large lips, but you cannot change this god gifted thing which sometimes forces you to wonder why I don't have large and fuller lips.

You cannot get such lips with any surgical or medical treatment, but are they actually safe to employ as there are many disadvantages one has to suffer which can give you a lifetime regret.

But girls, it's  nothing to worry and be happy you can get fuller lips with the use of makeup products and a few other techniques. It is so because they create an illusion in the face that makes you look what you are not actually.

Some of the techniques and tricks of makeup that can assist you in obtaining your objective of large lip are:

Keep the lip flakes-free:

You will be surprised to know that flakes on the lips play a very vital role in defining the shape and size of your lips. The science behind this, when your lips are full of flakes, then it simply means that your lips are dry. The moisture fewer lips do not have shine and is totally proven by science that shiny and glossy things are visible from a distance.

This is the reason due to which, when your lips are full of flakes and dryness looks smaller and slimmer that they actually are. It is said to remove these flakes with the help of lip scrub or toothbrush on a regular basis.

Fake canvas:

You can prepare a fake canvas with the help of concealer on your face. For this purpose, it is recommended to apply the concealer a little onto the lip line because it can allow you to apply the lipstick in a greater and broader area than that of the lips actually, have as it hides your lip line and creates a fake canvas.

Finishing with a lip gloss:

When you are done with decorating your lips with lipstick and other requisites then at the end apply lip gloss in the middle of the lips. You can apply a transparent shiny lip gloss or the lip gloss which is the same shade of the lipstick you have applied. When the gloss is applied at the center of the lips, it makes your lips visible from a distance and fuller.

Lip Liner:

The lip liner is a very important factor to define the shape of your lips. You should select a lip liner which is of dark shade as a dark shaded lip liner defines the boundaries well and makes the lip look larger. Other than this, you can apply the liner exceeding the lining of the lips, which makes your lip look fuller.

No dark lipstick:

The dark shaded lipstick makes your lips look flatter and smaller in size. If you want your lips to look fuller then it is important to avoid the lipsticks of a darker shade. It has been noticed and proved that darker lipsticks create an illusion of small lips, which cannot be a right choice if you want fuller lips.

Use nude colors:

The nude colors of lipstick are a better option for fuller lips as they add illusionary mass to the lips. To get fuller lips you are required to take two shades of nude coloured lipsticks. Take the first shade, then apply it all over the lips and the lighter shade in the middle of the lips which makes your lip look big.

But if your lip structure has a broader upper lip and thinner bottom lip or thinner upper lip and broader bottom lip, then apply a lighter shade in the opposite lip that works effectively for making the lips look bigger.

Bottom line:

If you are one of those who want bigger lips, but you cannot afford or trust medical and surgical treatment, then you can achieve your objective without taking any risks but with the use of simple makeup tricks and techniques.


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