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How to Prepare a Statement on Lips for Sexy Look
Feb 09, 2017
How to Prepare a Statement on Lips for Sexy Look

The lips are one of the basic elements that help in preparing a sexy style statement for you. The first thing a person notices on the face of a woman is her lips that make it important to prepare your lips very attractive and seductive.

When an amazing lipstick is combined with a perfect eye makeup, then what a marvelous look you will get which will force people to attach a title of sexy with you. It is a big question for many that how to get a different and sexy look with the help of lipstick you are applying regularly. 

It's a cakewalk to get an amazing, attractive and sexy look when you induce the way of applying lipstick with some new tips and tricks. Have a look at the step by step technique of getting beautiful and sexy lips, which give a different look to your face:

1. Apply foundation or a concealer on your lips so that you can get a fine and plain base for applying the lipstick. But you should take care that your lips are not very dry and lead to flakes on the lips, for this, keep your lips moisturized and exfoliated.

2. Now take a deeply shaded lip liner, it looks better if you choose the black one then apply liner all around the boundaries of the lip if you wish you can create an illusion of bigger lips. Satisfy that the liner is properly done and you are ready to move to the next step.

3. Next, apply a very attractive shade of red lipstick all around your lips, choose the color very carefully as it should have two qualities, first is a sexy look and second it suit your skin complexion.

4. Take a brush and blend the black colored lip liner with the red lipstick and repeat blending till the black color takes a deep shade of red. 

5. In the last step, clean the edges to obtain very fine and perfect lips with the help of a cotton bud. You can also apply lip gloss to the lips to get a more shiny and pulpy look.

It is very tricky to choose a perfect red lipstick for your skin complexion, but it can be easier for you to choose if you consider the simple tips stated in the lines below:

1. Fair skin:

If you have a fair skin then apply true red shade on the lips as it contrasts perfectly with your skin complexion and adds beauty and sexy statement in your face. A very attractive color like candy red suits a fair skin complexion completely. 

2. Beige skin:

If you have a beige skin, then coral red shade suits the best as it is tinted with the golden touch in the red color. This color gives a better look instead of orange or any other bright color shades.

3. Medium Skin:

If you have skin which is medium colored and is a little tanned then brick red gives better look to the face. This shade is a little deeper in color that the cherry red shade and it provides a very classy look to the face. 

4. Olive skin:

If you have copper shaded or olive skin, then the shade cherry red suits best to your skin color and gives a very brighter look.

5. Chocolate skin:

The purple, red shade complements best the chocolate skin shade. This color is basically the shade of pomegranate or plum and it gives a more attractive look when combined with glitters.

Bottom line:

If you want to maintain your sexy statement of lips for longer hours then have a regular check on your lipstick. If you feel the requirement of reapplication of the lipstick, then apply it carefully without spoiling the texture. The smokey or heavy eye makeup suits better with the sexiest lips as it complements them perfectly.


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