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Lip Glosses That Will Put You in a Good Mood
Feb 10, 2017
Lip Glosses That Will Put You in a Good Mood

Lip gloss
is a beautifying product used to put color and shine to your lips. It might be in liquid form or in a semi-solid form. Lip glosses are naturally shiny, but they also consist of a sparkly, opalescent, or some metallic texture along with the shine.

Normally, liquid forms of lip gloss offer a bit more shine than semi-solid type since they add a heavier layer of shade to the lips. Due to the passive colors, it is frequently one of the initial make-up stuff as most of the young girls use.

Some lip glosses are even given flavor too, particularly those outfitting to this younger clients. Conversely, women of all ages relish a good lip gloss.

Lip gloss is a significant skin care product to have in dangerous weather conditions. Overheat and cold can make your skin dry sometimes, resulting in fissured and bleeding lips.

Lip conditioner maintains the lips hydrated and provides the lips a glossy shine and also enhances a soft texture to the lips. Lip gloss is also used as a strong base to make up.

Lip gloss available in a variety of forms and can be put on in various ways. As a viable product, it is accessible in tubular bottles, squeezable pipes. Most of these cheap lip glosses may contain harmful chemicals which can damage the sensitive skin of the lips. So, go for the brand and be cautious while you are selecting the perfect shade that matches your skin.

Here there is a solution. And I am not speaking about low-level antidepressants or diving headlong into a flask of Jack. It is going to sound corny, but occasionally all it takes to boost your mood a bit is the perfect lip gloss.

I am having my own little stack of gloss lithium I love to call “Happy Girl Glosses.” As you can visualize, they come in delightful scents, attractive textures, and fun shades. Essentially, they make my lips gaze and taste awesome, and stays for a period of three or four hours, I feel almost on the sky.

C.O. Bigelow Lemon& Pomegranate Lip Cream

This C.O Bigelow lip cream, I can say it is simply delicious. This can keep your lips shiny, glossy and moisturized all the way. But, the best part of this lip gloss is that it gives the taste of Pink lemonade. This is the perfect lip gloss for all skin types and appears damn gorgeous and striking.

Hourglass Muddy Red Liquid Lipstick

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Fluid Lipstick cope up to be derived in gloss form, but goes on lusterless, like a lipstick and obviously you will love the velvety touch. And Riviera, the perky tangerine shadow, is so blustery and it can lift your mood certainly.

YSL Golden Luster Shining Lip Gloss

This is a brilliant flashy topaz kind that is so show-stopping with which you will not need any other sort of makeup. Not anything makes you feel best than being the most incredible person in the crowd.

Tips to have Lipgloss In place long day

1. Exfoliation of your Lips

Exfoliation can remove the dead cells of lips and gives a clean and fresh look. Irregular, splintered, or cracked lips can appear less attractive when you put on your gloss. Get a lip scrubber from a cosmetics stock or apply a little quantity of jelly on lips and mildly scrub it off with a smooth spike toothbrush.

2. Moisturizing of Lips

Apply an ideal moisturizer, such as lip balm or petroleum jelly, to calm any uneasiness you feel. Putting lip gloss on dry and non-moisturized lips will source the shade to adhere to dry blotches, makes your gloss look rough.

3. Select your perfect shades

Choose your lip gloss that perfectly suits your skin complexion, but you need to consider other facial makeup that you wear. If you are having numerous shades, you need to pick the best choice and two more backup colors. So, when you put on a gloss, which is not matching with the remaining makeup, then you can rub it off and can have a different one.

4. Have a shade based on your occasion

If you want to add certain verge to your appearance, you may try some dark, fleshy colors like dark reds. An innocent look can be attained with lighter, milder shades, like light pink shades and skin colors. Frisky colors like oranges, purples, blues, lavenders and metallic tenors, may be flawless for fun breakouts with friends and family.

5. Use a Lip liner to bring out a perfect shape

Line the ends of your lips with a lip liner that matches to your lip gloss. To carry out your mouth shape with a lip liner, trace your lipliner from the central part of your upper lip and track its edge till you reach the bend. Do this for both lips on both sides.

6. Rub on moisturizer to have a long lasting lip gloss

By putting a small quantity of lip balm or petroleum jelly to lips completely, can lengthen the lifetime of your lip gloss. Just take your applicator or your finger and put a small quantity on lips by removing unnecessary thick or chunky parts with Q-tips or tissue.

End up all other makeovers before putting your lip gloss

A Lip gloss can be so problematic cosmetic sometimes, and the final thing you need to remember is a gluey and bulky application of lip gloss can overpower your appearance. After the completion of all other makeup is the best time to have lip gloss.


Choose your perfect shade of lip gloss that can enhance your look and mood. Follow these simple tips to enjoy a long lasting shade that makes you more beautiful.


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