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The Top 5 Best Lip Tints List
Feb 09, 2017
The Top 5 Best Lip Tints List

The Top 5 Best Lip Tints

Many of us prefer to carry a good look at ourselves either for personnel or for official works, the major part which carries most attention for the beautification of an individual is the FACE. Among the top sexy appeal, its contribution to give beauty image is LIPS.

LIPS are the most sophisticated and attractive element of the face which has its unique shape, color, and pattern.

Not only women, many a times men also carry the lipstick, to add the beauty touch to it, so that the lips looks like fresh and colorful, interestingly many of us think that we can use only ONE color for the lips, but now in today’s beauty and fashion industry is offering us many color combinations and multi color shades too, which in turn enhances more looks and beauty of the person who wears it on their lips.

There are various options which are available to use for lips beautification and once they are used they will definitely enhance the look and feel of the lips.

Among them, many people prefer to use the “LIP TINTS” for the better looks and care of their lips. LIP TINTS are usually color applying agents which are also known as lip balms, these are available in less glossy and more natural format, these are applied on the lips base to provide the feel of fresh natural lips, it’s like a balm or layer type material, which is smooth and easy to apply.

The Best Lip Tints List:-

The beauty experts and makeup artists today suggest that whatever makeup you apply on the, it should look and make others feel natural, in the same lines for lips also the beauty experts many times suggest to use lip tints than any other item on lips for application purpose, since it’s not glossy, doesn’t look of an artificial type and can be applied any number of times to look more fresh and attractive. The following are the various top – best tints which are available for you to use and glow.

1. Revlon

There are various products and product range which the REVLON offers for people all over the world, the list never ends in beauty products, especially for women, for the lip tints, the Revlon offers us “REVLON JUST BITTEN KISSABLE”, this product has got huge demand in the market and many people prefer to use instead of lipstick, for its more natural looks and beauty.

This comes with a very mild smell not too shiny and not that dark. The biggest advantage of this is its stays for a longer time, thus avoiding the number of applying repetition.

There are wide ranges of colors, shades are available to choose and at a reasonable cost, the tint has the freshness and moisturizing features in it.

2. Lotus Herbals

The next lip tint which we can choose for the best list is from the Products of “LOTUS HERBALS”, in which the lip tint available are “Lotus herbals seduction botanical tinted Lip Gloss”.

There are many beauty lovers and diehard fans for LOTUS products, who use them regularly see the results and like them a lot further, the lip tint is nonsticky and has got creamy texture with it and works for long lasting hours and keep the lips fresh and little glossy.

There are lovely colors available in this range of products and has contained jojoba oils in it.

3. Maybelline

The next range we can look for the lip tint precuts is from “MAYBELLINE”, which has also got a huge range of beauty products to offer and in them for us to look in lip tint list is “MAYBELLINE FRUITY JELLY”, as the name sounds the LIP tint come with different shades and colors to match for all age and generation people for their own skin type.


This is a nonsticky, little shine and can give the required freshness to the dry lips for more than three to four hours depending on the season it also may vary, but when applied it spreads very smoothly and easily, with its nice flavors.

4. Lakme

YES, the name is here, for which you are looking for? Among the many beauty products which are available today, LAKME has got its own craze and fan following from not only women and from men too.


In the LIP TINT range what LAKME offers for is “LAKME ABSOLUTE LIP TINTS”, these are available in the form of pencil type products and has around eight type of shades to offer from its product line.


There are very limited editions which are available and have the capacity to stay for more than three hours, with its tiny glossy shades which don’t transfer very easily and have good moisturizing nature which is more effective and suitable for the dry lips.

5. Clinique

The other product ranges which we can look at among the top lists are the products which are offered by “CLINIQUE”.

The LIP TINT which is available from the “Clinique” is “Clinique Chubby stick”, the lip tint has butter and jojoba seed oil with antioxidant support in it for the lips protection and health, the product is little costly compared to the other in the market and has got wide range of colors and shades.

This can be applied very easily for keeping the lips fresh and fair, once it is applied it will stay for more than three hours and this is also a very good balm for people who are having dry lips.

Since there is a word in its title pencil, this doesn’t require any kind of sharpening and polishing, it won’t have any fragrance in it and it’s tested medically too.

Additional Info:-

Whenever we choose any beauty product its must to check with our family medical expert or with the available dermatologist, before we choose, purchase and apply the same on our lips, the skin of the lip is very sensitive and soft; we should be very careful in handling and maintaining the same.

Another important thing is whenever we purchase we must look for its manufacturing date, expiry date, a place to keep and method of application too.

It’s always better that we should use those beauty products which are tested, verified and approved by the approving authority of that location and region.

Sometimes the beauty experts also suggest to use the lip liner to add more beauty to the lips, but depending on the occasion, time and color of your skin you can choose to or you can avoid too, since many of the lip tints are in not glossy range and might not look good if we apply, so depending on the need and suitability it’s better to choose the liner with the combination of lip tint.

There are other many product companies which offer the lip tint but we should be careful while selecting and purchasing them if they look at normal prices too, since the lip tint is in balm form many local and other companies also offer them, but better check with the expert if not every time at least for the first time. 


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