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This Genius Makeup Hack Is The Key To 90's Lips
Feb 09, 2017
This Genius Makeup Hack Is The Key To 90's Lips

All and sundry know about the famous lipstick trend in the 90's which comprises of dark brown lipstick shade complemented with that of heavy eye makeup. It has been the first choice of the models and celebrities at that time span later on it became an old fashion material and soon outdated. But these days this trend is again at its peak point and is gaining popularity among the masses for its lovely look it serves to the face.

The 90's lips are basically associated with a deep brown shade of lipstick and it is equally true that to apply this colour shade requires a lot of knowledge and care otherwise you will not get a satisfying look.

The genius and easy tips to get a perfect 90's blended lips are:

Get inspired:

It is said that if you are not confident and inspired for a beauty trend, then you will not be able to carry it comfortably. First, you are required to gain inspiration from famous models and celebrities who had portrayed this trend very effectively and beautifully. Their good looks with this brown shade make you feel confident about the trend and you will carry it comfortably.


Brown is a deep shade in itself and the shades which are dark suits best if they are of satin or matte look. These textures complement the darker shades of lipstick better than that of glimmering lipstick.

Know your shade:

The brown shade is of many varieties and it will suit your face only if the selection is done according to your skin complexion. If you have light complexion you should go for brown shades with red or orange undertones, if you have a medium complexion cooler, taupe-like browns will suit best and if the complexion is deep rock pale and pink brown complements perfectly. It is very important to ascertain the right shade for the purpose of getting a lovely and adorable look.

Experiment with your looks:

There are new lovely shades of brown which are launched recently in the market. If you want to get the glamorous look, then you have to perform some sort of experiment together with the lipstick. You can try glimmering brown shades of eyeshadow together with this brownish lipstick which will give the 90's look a modern touch.

Lip liner:

The lip liner which looks neutral with the brown shade and of brown shade as different colour shades do not look good with that of deep shade like brown.

Overline the lipstick:

It is said that if you apply darker shades of lipstick, then your lips seems thinner, which can allow you to overline the lips that will provide a different look to your face.

Draw lightly:

When you are applying a darker shade of lipstick, then don't apply the lipstick in a hurry. Apply the lipstick very lightly on the lips and make the shade darker slowly according to your requirement.

Inspect the shape:

It is not the correct way to inspect the shape of your lips after applying the lipstick from a few inches away from the mirror. Inspect it by going very close to the mirror and make sure that you are satisfied with the colour and shade of your lips.

Remove the extra colour:

It is very odd when the lipstick colours your teeth also so it is very important to squeeze the extra colour so that you don't have to face an embarrassing situation.

Finish with the powder and concealer:

It is impossible to apply powder all around the outer part of the lips so that if there is any fault in the shape it can be covered. If there is any spot left outside the inner lining of the lips, which is given an odd look, then you should erase it with the help of a concealer.

Bottom line:

The old fashion trends are very famous these days and especially when it comes to the makeup techniques, the old styles are being revised with a modern touch for providing a new and different look to your face.


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