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Why a Raspberry Matte Lip Suddenly Feels Fresh
Feb 09, 2017
Why a Raspberry Matte Lip Suddenly Feels Fresh

Matte lipstick is in trend these days and is known for its edgy, versatility and perfection for both the day and night. When these lipsticks are combined with some fruity taste, then they make you feel fresh all day long.

Raspberry is known for its amazing health and beauty benefits which make the beauty product manufacturers to include the extracts of this fruit in lipstick. The lipsticks induced with this fruit are one of the healthiest and fresh lip shades because of the following reasons:

• Fruit extracts:

Raspberry is a very healthy and tasty fruit which is loved by all and is a choice for many to eat irrespective of the season. When the extracts of this fruit are induced in the lipstick, then it provides a healthy and fresh feel to your lips. It is a fresh and awesome flavored fruit and when the lipstick is applied to the lips it transfers the fragrance to the lips which make you feel fresh. 

• Moisture: 

Generally, the matte lipsticks are very tight and dry in nature because it is an important requirement for providing the matte look to the lips. But, the lipsticks which are prepared by inducing fruit extracts contains some moisturizing elements, including Shea butter that do not make the lips very dry and keep it moisturized for longer hours. When the lips have contents of moisture, the lips feel revived and rejuvenated that provides a fresh feel all day long. 

• Colour contrast:

There are few colors which when applied to the skin acts as a perk and they make the face look more attractive and beautiful. The lipstick, prepared with inducing this fruit has an awesome color shade which gives an instant fresh look to the skin within a fraction of a minute.

Even if you have not applied any other makeup to your skin, this lipstick is enough to enhance more than fifty percent of your look. You can notice this when you wear bright shaded clothes such as red, blue or any other bright color, the same condition applies to the lipstick as bright ones enhance the face suddenly.      

• Combines perfectly with other makeup tools:

Sometimes, even after loading your face with numerous makeup equipment you feel that something is missing. A perfect lipstick has a huge importance in making your makeup complete and the same purpose is served by this lipstick. When you apply this lip color to your skin loaded with perfect eye and face makeup, suddenly you will feel a drastic change in your face as it looks live and new which is an amazing feeling.

• Suits the fall season:

Fall season provides freshness to the environment and it becomes important to make your face look fresh also. Even after getting wet if you are using a water resistant lipstick, your face will look amazingly fresh. This is the reason due to which this lip shade has gained amazing popularity among the makeup artist and women.  

• Bold and bright:

This lip shade is loved by all because of its bold look as it provides a very bold look to the lips which makes your lip visible from a distance. The other reason behind the freshness of this lipstick is that it is not like other matte lipsticks which are not bright and delivers a dry look to the lips and for this purpose you have to apply lip gloss. But, this lipstick has a natural brightness that does not force you to apply a lip gloss to get the amazing fresh look.      

• Comfortable:

When you use something on your face, which seems very comfortable on the application, then it makes you feel comfortable and this satisfaction can be noticed on your skin within seconds.

Bottom line:

This lipstick is a perfect choice for the spring and winter season and is very popular for the beautiful and enhanced look it serves to the masses. Many famous makeup artists have utilized these qualities of this amazing product to make the look magical and lovely.


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