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5 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair
Mar 02, 2017
5 Best Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

A wedding is an auspicious occasion in woman’s life and every woman try to look more gorgeous than another woman on her wedding. Makeup, dressing, hair style everything plays a major role to make her beautiful on her wedding. Especially the hairstyle gives an amazing look to her face. If she is long haired then how superb it will be to make her awesome.

Particularly people love to have long hair on their wedding but, fortunately, how much percentage of women has long hair? Half or less than half, right? So, if you have long hairs don’t turn up with simple or routine hairstyles on your wedding rather you can decorate your hair in many ways.

Now, are you eager to look at various long-haired bridal hair styles? Then, we would be glad to give you some suggestions on bridal now and start your preparation for those hair styles from now itself.

1. Long Plait with Curls


Braid or plait is one of the good choices for your wedding. The curls here are gorgeous and you can simply decorate it with some decorative flower pins and front hair with a beautiful hair band to give it an amazing look. This braid curls can be easily jazzed up.

You can easily style your hair in this bridal hairstyle and decorate it. You will look like an angle in the white dress with the kind of this hair style. Seems beautiful right? Then, get ready for your wedding on this hair style and impress your groom.

2. Soft Flower Curled Hair with Ponytail


This hair style is a jazzed on the upper hair of your head with a curled ponytail. Styling this hair style needs some experts help but it is one of the good bridal hair styles that a woman can have at their wedding.

You can also try it by curling up your long hair. See how beautiful it looks when it is decorated with few twigs of flowers on the deeply curled hair. The pony with the curls gives a tight look.

Seems like the pony tightened with a band, isn’t it? But, luckily you don’t need a band for it. Woman with this bridal hairstyle and white dress looks gorgeous.

3. Side Twisted Ponytail



This side twisted hairstyle with a ponytail is very easy that even beginners can style their hair. All that you need is one decorative pin to hold the twisted up hair as shown in the figure.

Styling this twisted hair should be done on the right side of your long and beautiful hair. This twisted hairstyle will glam up your look for your wedding. To add up more beauty to this side ponytail, adorn it with colorful flowers or if you like simple look to leave it the same. Suits well for, long smooth haired woman.

4. Puffed Crown with Ponytail


Today puff hairstyle has become common for a woman. But, giving it a different look with big pony looks beautiful for a woman on their wedding and is so called as elegant hair style. You need to tease the hair at your top with the help of a bump and then comb it up smoothly.

Then decorate the hair with a beautiful hair near the puff and a hair band at the front of puff to add a more stylish look to the hairstyle. Leave it off the remaining hair.

You can also adorn your puff with beautiful hair accessories. These kinds of hairstyles never go out of fashion and giving it a chic look adds up more to your hair.

5. Loose Hair With Half Curls


This is one of the easiest bridal hair styles that you can style on your wedding to give a simple look to your face. Start it like this, comb your hair smoothly and turn it into a loose hair adding up a side look with a decorative clip.

Show up your beauty with this curled hair at your neck. This stylish and beautiful long loose hair makes you beautiful on the wedding occasion. So, try this hairstyle if you wanna look sweet and simple.

You can also add up other hair accessories for this hair style to make it more pretty. You can also style this hairstyle on some special occasions and look stunning.

These are the few different bridal hair style choices that a woman can choose to style up their hair on their wedding and look stylish, beautiful and awesome. Each hairstyle has its own prettiness and adds the bride more beauty.

These bridal hairstyles can be styled for long haired women and suit them well. So, if you are one among the long and smooth haired woman who is going to become a bride then, choose among these awesome hairstyles and make yourself elegant.

Hope these hairstyles will definitely add up more beauty to you on the occasion of your wedding. 


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