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DIY Steps For Long Hair Triple Braid
Aug 14, 2016
DIY Steps For Long Hair Triple Braid

DIY Steps For Long Hair Triple Braid 

If you are looking for a twist of mien with your smooth silky hair, then triple braid is a perfect choice. All you need is a little patience to read this and work on your hair.

Things you’ll need:

1)   Hair brushes or a comb

2)   A good hair sprays serum

3)   Some elastic bands

Do it yourself:

1)   Get the hairspray and give it a run over the mid to bottom length in order detangle any frizz.

2)   Get 3 partitions of handful hair and mark them aside. Of which get the left most partition and start preparing a 2 strand braid and secure them with an elastic band.

3)   Now proceed the same with middle partition and right partition and secure all of them with an elastic band. Get a final visual approval before you proceed.

4)   Now use the three braided hair strands to make a large braid with left-middle -right looping or your familiar style.

5)   Secure the end of the large braid with an elastic band.

6)   That’s’ it ! Your triple braid hair style. You can check the integrity and tightness before fastening the elastic band.

So, that’s how to make a triple braid without even thinking of a parlor or salon. All you need is a little idea and proper hands. If it is difficult to work out alone, you make take the help of your near ones.


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