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Latest Hairstyles 2015
Jun 25, 2016
Latest Hairstyles 2015

What Is In For 2015 Hair Styles?

We often follow the runway and red carpets to understand what is in vogue and what is off fashion to understand what to be followed and what not?

Yes, you are right; you are on the right page to understand what hairdo will make you look like a show stopper and an attention grabber.

We have seen many of highlight flaunts cuts and flicks. It is time to move on to highlighting countering and shading the hair.

Let’s Have a Peep into Hair Fashion World:-

You consider changing up your hair do about 60 times a day. Your volume and length of the hair may be bothering you. Someone at the office made an extraordinary cut and you have noticed someone permed and highlighted their hair and your mind is stuck there.

You have scissors in your mind and mirror in your thought and change in your passion.

That was a quick decision, you peep into a saloon for a suggestion for the upcoming hair trends. You want to create a damn hot new look. You want everyone at office to stare at you just like yesterday you started your colleague for her new trendy short haircut

It not just about the scissors it also depends on the stylist that how they create a new look to you with their magical hair chopping machine.

It is not just the cut, but it also depends on how u tactfully secure your hair cut. How you maintain it till next cut is also a point to be focused.

Post cut care to be taken by you to make your cut and look last tells the next shading or scissoring

Let Us Check Out the Trends In Hair Styles:-

Side Secured Plat:-

This is a famous and frequently featured hairstyle. We have seen this hairdo on many runway models on the ramp. Each fashion brand will have a new and fresh look. Side secured hairstyle is also called as a side-swept hairdo. It creates not only the volume in your hair but also gives that hot stop model look.

This is going on high fashion these days. It makes you look 5 years younger than what you are. On top of the hairstyle if you shade with brown it looks amazingly great.

Blow Cut and Golden Shade:-

It’s on high fashion to use golden shades on blow cuts. Blow cuts look great for the shoulder above length. It may not look great on short hair. If you color it brown it looks good, but if you go for golden shade it gives an absolutely new look.

Shades play a vital role, always highlight with a similar color but a different shade. Now that you choose golden hair to go for a brown highlighter. It gives an absolute unseen subroutine look

Side Sleeping Pony:-


Secure your cut hair towards one of the sides. Secure it with a black band ideally to make your beginning of pony look thicker.

Highlight it with a brown or burgundy shade.

You can go for cross-cross cut too for this hair do

Use a thick band for volume and pin it up with a brooch or a flower for a party look or just leave it simple for a casual look and highlight with a pink or golden red highlighter for a hot look

Nested Curl:-


•        Have a dry hair with a light hold hair relaxing spray.

•        Make an off-centered partition and secure all the hair at one corner

•        Use a paddle brush to clear the tangles.

•        Gather hair into two equal size ponytails

•        Use a curling iron towards the end of the ponytail.

•        Secure a portion of hair and leaves the rest to braid it

•        Take small inches stands and backcomb before curling and tucking

•        Continue this till all the hair is curled and secured.

•        Make a three strand braid to the rest of hair and pin it as needed

•        Spray a light hair spray to manage uneven hair.

Long Trio Do:-

•        Make the hair into three different partitions, comb in cleanly and secured the hair with a hair band. You can use a hair bun too to secure the rest.

•        Braid the hair. Braid each hair portion separately

•        Make three different braids and now make a braid with those three different braids.

•        You can secure this towards one of the sides or leave it behind

•        Hair sprays it to manage uneven hair.

High Blow Do:-


•        To your hair cut or straight haircut, wet the hair

•        Clear comb the complete hair and make partitions as per your gripping skills

•        Pick a hair blow and start blowing it as per the picked partitions.

•        Now reverse curl and blow dry

•        You can either tie this hair style or secure it towards one of the sides

Criss Cross Blow:-

•        This is for those who want that hey-weird criss-cross look. Highlighting goes excellent on this hair do.

•        Get a criss-cross hair cut done

•        Set some smoothening gel on to your hair till you get that gripping hair

•        Remove the excess grease with a hair tissue

•        Secure all the hair at left or right side towards the ear

•        Tie a pony and comb with paddle brush

•        Set a hair gel on top of it for glossy look

Pinned Up Twists:-


•        Clear the hair with a shampoo and untangle the hair

•        Prepare a dry and clean hair with a light spray

•        Backcomb the inner of the hair all over and leave the fringe and make it smooth. Use a crimping iron to add extra volume and texture

•        Create a side partition and sweep hair over to the right or left side, gather remaining hair and create a ponytail.

•        Curl the leftover partition

•        Twist and pin back the back curls

•        Brush the left of hair and set a clear gel for that extra smooth texture

•        Iron the front flicks and gather remaining hair and secure it with a pin

•        Set a hair spray to make it manageable.

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