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Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair
Jun 06, 2016
Latest Hairstyles For Long Hair

When you have a long hair then you have the versatility to use it according to your needs. Long hair usually gets a lot of attention and with a perfect hairstyle, you can look fabulous. Look out for the few hairstyles below for long hair.

Half up:-

This classic hairstyle is fabulous and adorable allowing you to show your length of the hair. You can add a modern twist by leaving out long side bangs. Let’s see how to style it.

Make your hair straight or curly or wavy etc with the texture you desire.

From the top of the head, tease the hair before pulling hair back.

Make your hair smooth using a brush and secure a clip. Pull the bangs back out of your face or leave it as it is.

Lastly, use a hairspray to hold the style.

Braided Beauty:-

This simple straight hairstyle is so beautiful with a braid on one side. And moreover, it is very easy to do. Steps to style:

Divide the hair to one side and comb thoroughly.

Make a smooth strands selection by section using a flat iron. For the best results move the iron slowly and smoothly.

Take a section of hair near the part line on the shallow side and then create a small simple braid using three hair strands.

Secure the braid back behind your head using a pretty clip.

Finish the style with a hair spray.

Straight To The Point:-

The simplest yet equally elegant is this hair style. Women who have a round or square faces would look awesome with this style. If you have naturally straight hair then this is the best or else you can use a flat iron.

Part your hair and then remove the tangles.

Straighten up your hair using a flat iron

Go section by section sliding the flat iron over strands to get a sleek result.

Long Golden Locks:-

Golden blonde hair should be left loose with wavy curls.


Apply a styling crème for shine and control of your hair.

Then take a large round brush and blow out hair.

Once the hair is dry, smooth medium to large sections and then wrap around using a curling iron.

Once the curls are cooled, then soften them up and then finish with a hairspray.

Long Wavy Highlights:-

This super sexy hairstyle brings out the perfectness of you styling. If you got an attitude then this style will fit perfectly.

Tease you hair until they do not have any tangles.

Wrap random sections of dry hair around curling iron and pull on to the ends until the stretch.

Finally comb through the curls with your fingers until soften up and use a hairspray to hold.

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