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The Longer Fuller Ponytail
Aug 23, 2016
The Longer Fuller Ponytail

Looking for a never attractive ponytail? The usual old one might not be your cup of tea if the hair’s inner volume is weak. This might give a thin pony structure which may or may not suit your face. But if you need a more vibrant and appealing pony style hair is one for you.   All you need to do is spend a minute for this thing.

Things you’ll need

1. Elastic bands

2. Hair brush

3. Hairspray

4. Mousse (Optional)

Do it yourself

1. Give fine run down over the hair with the help of hair spray. Using a professional nourishment serum might be advised if you need the hair to look vibrant. The natural waves of hair might add a better structure to this pony.

Pro Tip: If you need some wave for the hair apply some mousse and use a curling iron to form some waves.

2. Get a handful of hair from both the sides and secure it on the center midrib of hair partition with an elastic band. Make sure the mini pony safely tight.

3. Do a brushing on the section below mini pony by holding the mini pony away from the section. And get a second, much bigger ponytail. Secure it with another set of elastic bands.

4. You may do the final adjustments in order to make the pony look more naturalistic. Mildly slacken off the second pony to adjust the fit.

Bottom line:

Make sure that the second pony covers the mini ponytail.

And there you go with a one-minute longer and fuller ponytail.


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