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7 Mistakes You Probably Don't Know you are Making in Relationships
Jul 25, 2016
7 Mistakes You Probably Don't Know you are Making in Relationships

Love and relationship are very important elements of human life since the past as everyone needs a person who is there at their happy or sad time, someone who appreciates and encourages the success and if the failure is faced then for consolation.

But these day’s relations are not durable and used to break soon due to certain mistakes made by one of the partners or both. The percentage of failed relations has increased rapidly if it is compared with the past facts and figures. It can be said that due to the busy, hectic and modern schedule people used to avoid small things which may lead to a disastrous end.

The seven of these mistakes which is made in almost each and every relationship, but are even not realized by the partners are:

1. Selfish behavior:

A healthy relation can only be established when the partners do not have a selfish behavior. There is no room for the words, including 'me' and 'I' if you have prepared your mind for spending the life with some special person. If this behavior existed in any relationship causes many issues and a drastic end.

It is good to think about yourself, but sometimes for the happiness of your partner, you should sacrifice small things which are not liked by him or her, after all, relations are not a one-way thing but it is two sided and it should be treated in that manner only.

2. Bad times:

A real and genuine relation is one which goes well during the bad times of a partner. Bad times are not there to make the relation weak, but a relation which goes through it is stronger and longer lasting. If one of the partners is going through stressing situation, then the other should provide emotional support and console the partner that helps in reducing the stress level and misunderstandings.

3. Secretive behavior:

Everyone has some secrets in their lives which they do not want to share with anyone else but if you are keeping a lot of secrets from your partner, then this will become a major reason of distance and separation from your partner. Love is a two-way thing and there is no place of secrets in the relations, but if you reveal them then you will get emotional and physical support.

4. Demand for changes:

No person on this planet is born perfect and do not have any negative side. There may come a situation that you will not like the behavior or habit of your partner which forces you to ask them to change them. But this demand is completely wrong as in a relationship you should love the person the way they are and not by changing them.

5. Taking things for granted:

When a relationship grows older partners start taking things for granted and stop showing a conscious effort to make the partner happy. If at a certain point of relation you feel that some sort of care and time is required towards the partner, then you should serve it otherwise it may cause an end of the relation.

6. No personal space:

It is true that secrets with the partners do not evidence a healthy relationship, but it is also equally right that each and every person should have a personal space in their lives. You should not show insecurity and jealousy to your partner as it causes suffocation of the partner and a drastic end. One should know the boundaries and should not cross it, especially in relations.

7. Higher expectations:

There are many people who used to expect a lot from their partners which are not at all fair. Everyone tries to give their best to make the relation strong and healthy, but higher expectations may lead to the disinterest of the partners.

Bottom line:

If you are in a relationship and you are feeling that everything is not going well and you are at sea about the reason which is behind this situation then these small tips can help you to track the problem.


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