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Dating and Relationship are two Different Directions
Jul 14, 2016
Dating and Relationship are two Different Directions

Dating is a word which boosts the energy levels to all the youth. The Relationship is scary to the people, not willing to take the responsibilities. Most of the target age groups from 15- 25 years like to date and understand the people and then get into a relationship. It is not being so easy to people by taking loads and loads of emotions and responsibilities at that particular age. 

If there is a question, to be tickling minds of youth, what is dating? and what is a relationship? It is the very simplified answer given by us. Let’s read out the article and understand what might be the difference between both.

Teenagers and youth who want to know the difference between dating and relationship, our simple and quick answer are both are two different directions which can be mingled together only when the understanding levels of an individuals are great.

As we all are aware of the fact that most of the dating, end up at break-ups, as they are not aware of the fact that most of the teenagers and youth are not sure about the problems to arise when entered into the relationship from dating.


1. When there is an emotional bonding started between individuals, they get carried away by a great feeling as that might be new to them at that point in time. They want to spend most of the time together in understanding each other at a personal level. 

2. More of being closely attached to each other, pampering, sharing love, happiness, flirting, each and every expression is genuine when it comes to first love.  Later on, it just becomes an aversion in manipulating and playing with emotions of others.

3. Responsibilities and problems arise in the relationship. Most of the people start getting rid of them as they might not be physically and mentally fit for any kind of relationships.

4. These are majorly targeted to the people who don’t want to know about the consequences on the storing facilities towards the approach.


1. Most of the Relationships are started with the intention on Sexual appeal, whatever might be the reason on facing the problem in life. In general, we don’t have the answer when it comes to taking responsibilities.

2. Levels of seriousness decrease as a matter of fact that they either want to go for the sex appeal or passing the time with each other. When you are in love and you wanted to be assured of taking into hands, always be sure of getting close by when they need your presence.

3. Love is more meaningful with sex is what logical researchers conclude on, as they stand by the words that bonding of people can be done with the physical contact and oral sex. Sex is so easy to become by your side and it's up to your turn on reaching that level of understanding of being safe.

4. Managing Expectations: Its really hard to manage expectations, of the people on each other side as these factors might be the primary cause of break ups.

5. Lack of communication:  Most of the dating couples, start hiding lot of negative factors near their partners as they want to get them stayed in their life. Communication gap can create a lot of fuss when it comes to satisfaction in relationships.

Bottom Line:

May of the dating couples are happy to stay in live-in relation whereas some wanted to be bounded to being in a relationship. Both are wise when you have to good understanding levels.


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