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How Love Affects Your Health in a Better Way
Aug 11, 2016
How Love Affects Your Health in a Better Way

Most of the people believe in the fact that love is an emotional feeling and it has zilch to do with the health. But this is entirely a misconception actually love deeply affects the health of a person both in a positive and negative way. Love is one of the most significant elements of the existence of life on earth.

Love and care don't have any limitations or boundaries to express. When it comes to the health of partner we feel more conscious about the habits and food that they are taking. We also get nervous by their unhealthy habits at times. We try to scold them when they are not following a proper diet. Happiness in relationship stays better when there is a proper understanding of each other.

Nowadays people who are in Live-in relationship are creating a stressful environment as they are not able to be healthy and fit. Due to a lot of stress and work pressure might be one of the reasons for it.

The fact many used to toss that food, shelter, and the house is three essentials for a living on the planet but can you reckon your life without love? There is a higher probability that the answer will be of course not, but few can imagine their life, but at some turning off life, they also feel and interpret the significance of love. Love affects the health of a person in numerous ways, some of them are discussed in the succeeding lines.

Positive impacts of love on health:

1. Fewer chances of death:

It has observed by many researchers that the people who have are couple have a long lifespan when compared to the lifespan of those who are single. The ground behind this can be the presence of a person with whom one can share the feelings and hence, one has the desire to live more, but singles have a thought that for whom they are living which causes death before.

2. Higher self-esteem:

Self-esteem the inner believe about a person that renders them a power to think that he has the capacity to complete a particular task. It has been discovered that a person who has a supporting partner tends to have higher self-esteem because of the support provided by the partner in the ups and downs of the life.

3. Reduces chances of stress and depression:

If due to certain reason a person is suffering from any sort of stress or depression, there are high chances of occurrence of both health and mental disorders. The upsets are caused when any emotional barrier got stuck in the corner of the brain and is not washed out, but if you have a loving partner, then by talking to him and his consolidation works as a remedy and assists in washing off the cause.

4. Slims down the effects of anxiety disorder:

A person when suffering from the problem of anxiety disorder needs to be treated with care and not harshly. Love acts as an icing on the cake in the form of treatment of anxiety disorder. If the patients of anxiety disorder are treated with love and care regularly, then the symptoms of the disorder can be brought to zero or can be derogated.

Negative impacts of love on health:

1. Core problems:

If one is suffering from regular problems in the love relationship, then the chances of heart problems increase. Equally, it has been believed that one love from the heart and if problems and tension arise in the relationship, it directly attacks the heart of the person.

It has been proved in a research that the chance for a heart attack is more prominent when a disappointment is imposed from loved or near ones.

2. Mental problems:

An unhealthy relationship causes many mental issues that contribute to certain disorders whose treatment is a Herculean Sometimes a person is affected to that much extent that he permanently loses the mental balance, attempts suicide and there are also opportunities that some need to be admitted to mental hospitals.

3. Lack of sleep:

It is known to all the importance of a healthy sleep in the life of a person, but to suffer from a bad relation the sleep of a person is adversely affected. Even if a person is going through new love them a person used to think a lot that steals the sleep.

4. Alcohol addiction:

An unhealthy relation increases the stress and depression level of a person that forces them to get addicted to alcohol or other addictive products as alcohol consumption is not healthy for any living being.

Bottom Line:

It can be said that a healthy and happening relation improves the health of a person and keep them alive and kicking, but it has been observed that an unhealthy relation takes the health in a negative direction.


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