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7 Myths About Makeup and Beauty Products
Jul 19, 2016
7 Myths About Makeup and Beauty Products

There are numerous myths related to different issues, including rituals, spiritual beliefs and many others which are very common and you hear them many times in a day.

But, there are myths related to the beautifying products also which you are even believing even without having knowledge about the same. Isn't it shocking? 

You are definitely thinking that: How can be there misconception regarding the cosmetics and makeup? If they exist then, what can be those myths? It is not possible to wrap all those misconceptions in few words, but here, seven of them are mentioned.

1. Dirty skin is the reason behind blackheads:

Blackheads are the tiny black spots that appear on the top layer of skin. Many have a misconception that these blackheads are caused when the skin remain dirty for a long time. They used to assume that washing the face is enough for removing these blackheads.

The actual reason behind the occurrence of blackheads is the higher sebum production in the body. The dead cells in the body try to get excreted through sebum but the presence of these dead cells sometimes gets clogged on the track. These cells turn black when they clog on the surface of the skin and oxides.

2. Age spots are caused by ageing:

The dark spots which occur on the skin of a person are said to be caused by ageing and so the name provided to these spots is age spots. But it is completely wrong to assume that these spots will occur after 40 years of age.

These spots can appear even at the age of 20 years because it is caused due to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Genetics could be another key reason that can justify ageing spots. 

Sun protecting creams is very helpful in getting rid of the occurrence of these spots. The spots which are caused by ageing are harmless and natural.

3. Greasy and oily food causes acne:

Many used to avoid foods which are oily and greasy as they used to assume that the reason behind the acne is these foods. Though not evident the fact still says that dairy products and citrus acid are one of the reasons behind the occurrence of acne. 

4. Switch the products before skin adapts them:

It is a thought of many that using the same product for a very long span of time makes the skin addicted to that product. So, they prefer to switch the product after a few months to avoid the occurrence of this situation. But, it is totally wrong to assume such things because they are just misconceptions and not truth.

5. The conditioner does not clean the hair:

Many people used to think that conditioner does not work as a cleaning agent for the hair, just like the shampoo does. It is totally wrong to believe this because conditioner has very mild quantity of those contents which helps in cleaning the hair. But, the main purpose of conditioner is building up the damaged and dry hairs and it is also not meant for those with oily hairs.

6. Sunscreen with more SPF serves more protection:

It is a common misconception that a sunscreen with more SPF provides more protection to the skin. For instance, people assume that SPF 30 serves double protection than the SPF 15.

Actually, SPF means sun protection factor, which is a scale that determines how efficient the cream or lotion in protecting the skin against sun’s UVB rays, but not UVA rays, which are more closely responsible for deeper skin damage.

7. Tingling of the skin refers to the working of the product:

When after applying a beauty product skin tingle, then many conclude that it is due to the effective working of that product which is completely wrong. This tingling is caused when the product does not suit the skin and continuous use of these products may give rise to a big skin issue.

Bottom Line:
If these myths exist, then you cannot serve your skin with accurate skin care. It's high time to believe in these myths and it’s time to say bye to them.


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