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Beauty Makeup Tutorials
Aug 01, 2016
Beauty Makeup Tutorials

A beautiful face is a desire of every woman and to complete this objective one used to apply makeup products, but due to lack of knowledge in this field you used to make many mistakes which may make you a standing joke in the crowd. Some of the basics about makeup products you should know are explained in the lines below:

1. Know your face shape:

The first thing you need to do is to know the shape of your face. Basically, consider that whether the jawline is pointed, round or pointed and the hairline is wide or narrow.

2. Know your skin color:

When you apply any product on your face, then it is important that it should suit your skin color otherwise, they will not provide a fair and beautiful look to your skin. The skin color can be beige or fair, pale or ivory, golden or olive, caramel or tanned, rich brown or black. Each skin color requires different care and different cosmetics so it is important to know your skin shade.

3. Lips tutorial:

Almost everyone is known for the technique of applying one shaded lipstick, but two shaded lipsticks are a challenge for many. Select the shades very carefully as both of them should contrast each other. Then color the upper lip with one shade and lower lip with another and at last line the lips. If you have bleeding problems with your lips then the liner should be a deeper shade than the lipstick.

4. Smoky eye look:

First, apply the first coat of the eyeshadow with the help of a brush on the base. Then, take a mid eye shadow and apply it running along the corner of the lids near the lashes and then create a crease with that color of the outer part of the eye. Now, take a darker shade and apply it very precisely along the lashes and outer part of the lid and then blend the three shades properly to get a perfect color. Finally, apply the eyeliner and mascara to get a perfect smoky eye look.

5. Nail coloring:

First, clean your nails properly and then apply a base coat of the nail paint. Then take a drop of nail color near the center of the nail and then spread it in a straight line in the center. Curving towards the left fill that side with paint and then towards the right and finally apply a top layer to avoid chipping.

6. Conceal:

If you have any spots on your skin, then apply the concealer first in that area, then apply the foundation and the final touch is to be given with the help of face powder. 

7. Powder and foundation:

If you are in the market to purchase a foundation, then you used to get any product randomly which is not correct because every powder and foundation serves a different purpose.

For instance,  pressed powder is for a sheer coverage, controls shine and provides  a matte finish, BB and CC cream provides a creamy look and it perks up  a dull complexion, powder foundation provides a super matte look and shine control and there are many other foundations and powders which have a different use. Therefore, it is important to choose these products according to your requirements. 

8. Blush:

The skin tone of a person plays a very important role while choosing the color of the blush. The lighter is your skin tone, the lighter color of the blush is selected and the darker is your skin tone, the darker shade you choose.

The blush is applied above the foundation as it provides the foundation with a long-lasting effect. It is better to choose the powder blush according to your skin complexion and then with the help of a brush apply it along the cheeks. 

Bottom line:

A very important tip, which is to be followed while applying makeup is you should provide your complete attention towards the face as lack of attention can ruin your hard work.


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