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How Cosmetology and Toxicology Knows Each Other
Jul 27, 2016
How Cosmetology and Toxicology Knows Each Other

The word Cosmetology has been derived from a Greek word which means "beautifying". It is the subject and application of beauty treatments. This study deals in different subdivisions, including hair care, skin care, nail care, and cosmetics. Cosmetologists are all-rounder’s and have expert knowledge in different spheres of beauty.

The multiple fields include cutting and chemical treatment of hair, style trends, cosmetics, nails and skin beautifying. In addition, cosmetologists are expert in relaxation techniques like neck and head massage.

Cosmetologists help their guests to acquire good looks by beauty application. They have an important role in our companionship as it helps many in their image building. Beauty is the apple of one's eye and hence, people try to perform all things that will make them more beautiful.

The specialties of cosmetology are:

1. The cosmetologists are experts in skin care. They enhance the persons look more beautiful and can change their aspect with the aid of different cosmetics and chemicals. Skin covers all over the body and for women the care taken to maintain it to look beautiful always is a tough task as they seek to advise from experts, like cosmetologists, dermatologists etc.

2. They are well versed in taking hair care. Hair care includes hair coloring, hair maintenance, scalp treatment and hair springing up. Cosmetologists are well-trained in all these sectors and assists in the overall treatment of hair. Women often complain about hair fall, growth and related issues with hair, which can be taken care of cosmetologists.

3. Nail care is part of skin care however they are most significant when it comes to spending over dollars on beauty treatments. Nails are mirrors of one's personality. Manicure, pedicure, and other nail treatments help women to grow beautiful and attractive nails.

4. Massage is related to relaxation and beauty enhancement. Massage is an adept way to release tension. Cosmetologists are trained in different types of massages and can help lasses to release strain and tensions from their day to day stressful life.


Toxicology is derived from an Ancient Greek word "toxins" which means "poisonous". It is a branch of chemistry, biology, and medicine, which studies, the side effects of chemicals on living beings. It also detects agents which are responsible for this adverse effect.

This effect depends mainly on two factors:

1. Dosage: The chronic and acute dosage, both is studied in toxicology.

2. Route of exposure: The route of exposure can be ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorption. The adverse effect depends on this factor.

3. Other Factors: Other factors include species, age, sex, environment, and characteristics of species.

Cosmetology and Toxicology: Indirect Relation

A heap of chemicals is used in cosmetology's treatments.  Most of the times, women have to suffer from the adverse effect of handling. Hazardous chemicals are used in hair coloring, hair straightening, face bleaching, etc.

These may have following adverse impact:

1. Hair Loss:

Many of the hairstyles need to undergo a lot of chemicals that can spoil or damage hair. A lot of chemicals used on hair causes a bunch of side effects. The natural color and beauty of hair are lost and it may cause permanent hair loss. Just imagine hair straightening which includes gel and electric heat which gives the adverse effect on the hair on a long run.

2. Loss of natural beauty:

Regular application of face creams, gels and other harmful treatments for face steals its natural radiance and beauty. It may also cause wrinkles before age, pimples and other facial problems. For example galvanic, bleach used in facials.

3. Skin Cancer:

Body treatments including, manicure and pedicure may also induce skin cancer. Nonhygienic procedures done can affect a lot. It's the contrary effects of cosmetology.

Toxicology helps in observing and reporting the symptoms, mechanisms, detection and treatment of toxic substances. Toxicologist goes through the hoops to treat the side effects of cosmetology.

Hence, it assists in treating adverse impact of cosmetology as it is also caused due to chemical uses. Toxicology has a crucial role in treating cosmetology adverse impacts in the following mode:

1. It serves to give knowledge about the chemical due to which the adverse impact is caused.

2. Toxicologists study how much is the toxicity of chemical?  It means it helps in ascertaining whether the toxicity is higher or less. They have eagle eyes in respect of chemicals.

3. Only with the help of toxicology, the solution to the problem is recommended after studying the cause of the effect.


In simple words, toxicology and cosmetology are, at loggerheads. Most women waste a lot of money on different beauty treatments, but no one knows that natural beauty is the real beauty. These treatments can only give a nine days' wonder, but what about the rest? Beauty means natural tinge of us. 


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