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Kill Your Beauty By Over Makeup
Jul 19, 2016
Kill Your Beauty By Over Makeup

Make up is something that enhances women's beauty by providing their face a finishing touch by embracing all spots and other problems. Beauty is the Achilles' heel of any women and they try all the weird and funky looking styles which are more attractive and fabulous.

In earlier days, makeup was luxurious item which was packed by women only on some special occasions and parties, but these days makeup is very common ornament and is acquitted by all even regularly and around the clock. There are bits and bobs that should be taken care while applying makeup on the face, these things must be taken care of to get stark look.

Kill your beauty by over makeup

Many women have an impression that more makeup they will apply, the more beautiful they will be seen.  However, this perception proves always wrong and can make you look horrible and fatal in public.

There comes the question in mind that asks, How over makeup can kill our beauty?  The uncomplicated answer to this question is that over makeup have both short-term and long-term adverse effects.

Short-term Impact:

Well, let’s see short- term impact now. If you are over make-up then you can be subject to certain troubles:

Constitution can easily smear:

If you are carrying heavy makeup on your face, there are high chances of smearing or smudging of makeup. Lipstick and eye makeup after smearing can make your face messy and horrible. It might also make you fool in front of people as you resemble not less than a clown.

Spidery eyelashes:

Excess makeup kills your beauty, for instance, if you apply excess mascara on eyelashes, it will make your eyelashes like the spider's web. Mostly lasses call this also as part of looking beautiful as anything can be fashion now a days. However there must be a place where you must avoid such kind of show offs.

Different shades of neck and face:

If you load your face with excess makeup, then it causes deviation in the shades of your face and neck and it gives a pathetic look. Neck and face need to be the same when you’re using makeup. Women concentrate more on face and less on neck which shows the difference well.  Commenting on someone else make up is easy but using it is tough.


Over makeup clogs the small pores present on your face, which makes it unwieldy for your face to respire and this causes a lot of sweating all day long which is uneasy for you to handle. Its more or less harmful to stop sweat from body for a longer time than expected.

Stained collars and pillows:

If you go for excess makeup, then it will stain the collars of your beloved apparels and pillows at times. It may create an embarrassing situation for you at times. The reason we suggest women to remove make up as in when you are off from the party or the occasion is to avoid such stains.

Long-term Impact:

If you do over makeup regularly, it may cause certain long-term adverse effects:

Skin allergies and pimples

Cosmetics used in makeup contain many harmful chemicals that adversely affect your skin. These chemicals may cause many skin allergies and pimples on the face.  Make up leaves these affects mostly on teens, having sensitive skin tone.

Skin diseases:

Hopefully all skin related diseases are due to use of chemicals and creams that are not suitable for your skin tone. It is common these days women are enduring from skin diseases like skin cancer, Eczema, Rashes, Wrinkles etc, because of using creams and cosmetics.

Harm to eyes:

Makeup products like eye liner, mascara, artificial lashes, eye makeup cause damage to your eyes and itching in eyes.

Ageing before time:

If you are regular in leaving your face for over makeup, then it causes ageing before time. Ageing signs wrinkles and dark spot starts appearing on face in young age. You will start living an addicted life to your make up always to cover up all ageing problems.


Headache is common problem; you will suffer from if you carry heavy makeup for long duration. It might not be noticed by everyone however it is known fact that natural process gives you good skin which may keep all this side affects away.

In race of making yourself more beautiful and attractive than others with the help of makeup products, see actually what you are welcoming. It's nothing actually you are killing your beauty due to use of over makeup on your face.  So it is better to use makeup in limited time and place if you don't want to kill or lose your natural beauty.  


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