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Top 3 Best and Worst beauty products in the World
Jul 08, 2016
Top 3 Best and Worst beauty products in the World

People are at sea when it comes to choosing beauty products for their skin. There are bundles of queries arises in the mind: Whether the product will suit the skin or not? If any side effect occurs, then what I will do? What if the chemicals permanently damage the skin tissue?

To get answers to these queries one reads the reviews of people who are already using that product. This works as powerful advice for you whether to buy that particular product or not. 

As per the reviews and advice of many users, the top three best beauty products are recognized and you will find them in the next lines:


One of the best product of KORRES brand is Greek Yogurt Nourishing Moisturizer. This company has amazing goodwill in the market because of all natural ingredients that serve positive results to both male and female masses.

It is a Greek company founded in the year 1996 in Athens by a pharmacist Georgios Korres. But, history witnessed that this brand actually founded in the 19th century on the islands of Naxos but officially launched in 1996.

The products of this brand are loaded with locally sourced island ingredients including olives, thyme, and sage. In today's world, where products are loaded with chemicals, this brand proved that skin care is possible with natural ingredients also.

2. Binchotan:

Binchotan is a Japanese based company which clearly shows the existence of Japanese culture in the products. Japanese people, love charcoal as an important ingredient in their skin care products as charcoal has the power to make the skin clearer and brighter.

The reason behind this is charcoal has the capacity to pull out the toxins which are penetrated deep into the skin. The charcoal which is added in Binchotan product is obtained from the oak branches which are fired at very high temperature until the wood carbonizes.

The Binchotan facial soap is one of the best products in the world and is an amazing cleanser.

3. LA Bruket:

The brand is known for amazing skin care and style and is known everywhere in the land. It is a favorite brand of the top celebrities and models as it scores great when it comes to skin care.

The products prepared are natural products which basically comprises of vegetable ingredients, seaweed, and salt. The seaweed spa bath box of this brand has harvested and serrated seaweed which is added in drops to the water in the tub as it provides calls the body and boosts the blood circulation.

After having a look on the best products for the skin, there are some products which were not liked and faced criticism from the customers. They are in the following lines.

The 3 Worst Beauty Products:
1. Giorgio:

The makeup, fusion of Giorgio has faced criticisms from many users and is ranked one of the worst beauty products.  The makeup, fusion is not skin friendly and pigmented. This makes a skin very oily which makes it unfit to use in the summers and it is recommended for female with oily skin to not buy this product because it will the complete wastage of money.

2. Bareescentuals' Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss:

This brand promises to provide a lip gloss which gives a marvelous look as denoted by its name but it is not so. This lip gloss is very oily and its composition has lavender oil, which gives a poor look.

3. Maybelline's dream nude-air foam foundations:

 A product becomes the best product if it wins the hearts of the female population but the makeup foundation of Maybelline failed to do so. It is made up of good quality ingredients but it is not very effective which the reason behind its failure is. Another reason is its water content which is higher that makes it difficult to use it while applying makeup using this foundation.

Bottom Line:

Every person has different skin, which is the reason behind using different products according to the suitability. It can happen a product which suits you may not suit your friend, but reviews of the masses can be helping figure.


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