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7 Causes of Constipation
Jul 30, 2016
7 Causes of Constipation

Constipation as a word you may come across many times as it has been a trouble of more than half of the population. This trouble is capturing the masses without considering the age of the dupe.

But what actually is happens during constipation and how it takes place is still a query for many. Constipation is infrequent or hard to pass bowel motions and is the tip of the iceberg as it may cause painful defecation, obstipation, and fecal impaction. In other words, one ran to the toilet less in comparison to a normal routine for the same that results in hard feces which is tough to pass. 

The seven common causes of constipation are discussed in the succeeding lines:

1) Dehydration in body:

All are known for the importance of keeping the body hydrated, water is unrivaled of the essential elements of our body. Water behaved similar to the flush of a pot, there flush assists in clearing the toilet, and in the same manner, water assists excretory system in flushing waste material from the body with ease.

Dehydration is one of the major causes of constipation in the body as it becomes tough for the body to flush waste from the body and hence, it is recommended to hold the body hydrated.

2) Lack of dietary fiber in the diet:

Dietary fibers are not abided by the body and do not have rich content of nutrients but they are rich in a nutrient known as roughage or dietary fiber. Dietary fiber plays a big role in eliminating waste as it gets enthralled in the intestines of the system and is absorbed by the waste on the way that adds bulk to the stool and helps in easy flushing of the waste without adding much effort to the task.

3) Gut flora disruption:

The digestive system of the torso is already blessed with gut flora that refers to the presence of natural bacteria in the track which assists in the breakdown of food so that it can be easily digested. But, this gut flora is disrupted when a person is taking any type of medicines or suffering from stress or inflammation then there is an overgrowth of yeast and intestinal bacteria that passes through a leaky gut which causes constipation. 

4) Food sensible body:

Every human body does not sustain the same capacity, some of the bodies are sensitive to particular foods. Dairy products and gluten are the two most common food that is not easily endured by many people. If the food to which the body is sensitive then the body is not capable of digesting the food with ease. The digestive system has to struggle a lot to beat the food completely digested, which leads to inflammation and at the later stages leads to constipation.

5) Underactive thyroid:

An underactive thyroid also referred as hypothyroidism leads to slow functioning of the body system including the elimination one. The colon contraction is very important for the excretion process to accomplish.  If a person is enduring from this issue, then it leads to slow and weak contractions of the colon and this leads to constipation.

6) Autoimmune diseases:

Everyone is experienced to the immune system of the body that fights to protect the body against external bacteria or fungus. When the immune system fights deliberately against these then sometimes it loses its capability to recognize between intruder and body parts then it may start harming the body organs. This one of the popular causes of constipation because of the disruption of the functioning of organs.

7) Bowel Obstruction:

Bowel obstruction refers to the obstruction in the intestines that prevents feces from moving with ease and this contributes to constipation. These instructions are caused by abdominal surgery, tumors, cancer, and hernias.

Bottom line:

Constipation is not a very big issue and not generally life threatening, but it is more salutary to get rid of a problem and not hold it till the cows come home. There is very less to worry about constipation as it can be easily treated by improving the day-to-day habits of a person because it is basically caused due to unhealthy habits.


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