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Best Tips for Soon Recovery After Blood Donation
Jun 17, 2016
Best Tips for Soon Recovery After Blood Donation

A Guide to Start Workout after a Blood Donation

Blood donation is splendid act. If you are up after blood donation to start workout you need to first get recover from blood donation but, generally activities like workout is not recommended soon after blood donation Nevertheless, if fitness mantra is dragging you out we would like to suggest you few tips so that you can start healthy workout and recover soon after blood donation. Know come let’s get started.

After a Blood Donation, How Your Body Works or Responds?

Though you feel fine after a blood donation, you will have some minor issues that you can’t identify as soon as you donate blood. Would you like to know them? Then read below information.

·        After blood donation, you will lose 10-15% volume of blood

·        The place where needle is injected may bleed

·        You may get weaken

·        Experience dizziness, slightly fatigued and lightheaded

·        Bruising may occur at the site

·        Anemia can affect you if blood volume is less

These conditions may vary from person to person. So, in order to aid these problems usually you are asked to drink 4 extra glasses of fluids and eat the foods that are rich in iron. There are few more tips that are recommended for the person after a blood donation. Try to follow them for soon recovery.

How Long It Will Take to Restart Your Activities?

It usually depends on percentage of lose in volume of blood. Suppose, if you lose 10% of blood volume, your body’ oxygen capacity also reduces and it nearly requires 4-6 weeks to get total replacement of your body’s red blood cells.

But, plasma concentration can be replenished soon within 24 hours of time. So, it is advised by an expert that at least 2-5 hours of mandatory rest is needed before you engage in any strenuous activities and athletes are recommended to take 12 hours of rest before they start up their next training activity.

Tips for Soon Recovery after Blood Donation

·        Try to take foods that are rich in iron after blood donation. This helps you restore iron levels in your blood.

·        Foods that are highly in iron are red meat, fish and poultry and these are mostly absorbed in to your blood stream.

·        Consume plenty of fluids or water at least for 24-48 hours after blood donation and that should not be alcoholic

·        Color of your urine is indication of hydration levels of your body. So, identify it and take precautions accordingly

After following this tips even if the symptoms still continue for long time better to consult your physician.

Instructions to Start Workout after a Blood Donation

Even if you are good trainer starting workout soon followed by blood donation is not that good and it is advised to begin it on the next day.

The reason for this is lack of sufficient oxygen caused after blood donation and this makes you tired. But, you can start workout following the below instructions.

·        Always start the workout only after a day of the blood donation but, you wouldn’t be able to give your 100% and it is better to prepare yourself for 70% and don’t expect more on that day.

·        After 4-5 days of blood donation, you can give 90% best for workouts. So don’t strain yourself till that time as that may lead to some other health problems.

·        These considerations can also vary from person to person, based on diet you take as well as fitness of your body, energy levels. So in worth of these instructions, it is better to take suggestion from your physician before you start workout after blood donation.

Does Regular Blood Donation by Athletes affect their Performance?

It is commonly known that, people who donate blood regularly are prone to low ferritin levels and anemia. This is fact and especially true in case of women athletes and it badly effects their training too. It is necessary that they need to follow some suggestions that wouldn’t affect their performance. They are:

·        Definitely athletes need to consume foods that are high in vitamin B and iron to reload their red blood cells soon.

·        It is better not to donate blood more than 3 times in a year

·        To prevent low blood pressure, continuous hydration is required

·        A good suggestion for athletes to donate blood is after race and during their rest time

These tips and instructions are ranging from normal person to athletes who are likely to start a workout soon followed by a blood donation. As said different people have different body capacities and energy levels, the range of precautions may vary from person to person.

It is known from studies that, high enduring athletes take more time. So, deep study or research may be required to know how blood donation may impact athletes and normal people.

This is all we suggest you are up after blood donation to startup workout. So, proceed accordingly and along with this better take suggestion of your physician too which is recommended strongly for athletes. Hope you got an idea about blood donation and workout now.


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