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Crazy Effects of Hookah on Woman
Sep 03, 2016
Crazy Effects of Hookah on Woman

“Hookah” or Shisha is generally carcinogenic and is not at all advisable for anyone including men or woman. However, these have become very often is seeing the latest Hookah bars that have been majorly contributed to the places for entertainment and fun loving the spot for teenagers.

The woman also are getting influenced by all these habits as most of them are addicted to looking more social and cultured with the people in the society and this has created a false prestigious place to show off their habits in front of people.

Hookah is more harmful and dangerous than a cigarette. Hookah, Narghile, shisha, goza are the other names. Hookah is a water pipe with a smoke chamber, with a long pipe and a hose.

This must be 200 percent dangerous than that of cigarette smoking. A Recent study mentioned that 1/5th students and youngsters are addicted to hookah lounges.

Kara Brick, youngster says this “"We are all ex-smokers. With cigarettes, you really have to push through smoking it the first time. They taste terrible and smell terrible. Hookah is actually enjoyable. This has a social feel and is something we can do together." So we all love to hangout for the social attention of the parties that are really going well at places like this.   

Flavours in hookah

Most of the flavours that are new to the market, they are gels that are used to get the tinge of flavours that can be more overwhelming to the youngsters who really want to enjoy the taste of certain flavours they love to intake.

Most of the longer hookah session might be increasing the intake of nicotine and toxins as a person takes in and they might be more carcinogenic.

1. Al Fakher Mint

Al Fakher Mint is an on-going best mint flavor that can be mixed with every flavor in hookah, this has been best authentic with cool and soothing effect, can be a strong flavor when mixed with most of the others.

2. Tangiers Noir Cane Mint

Tangiers Cane Mint is the tiger and been always a champion in the market and is not available as it is highly demanding stock and the availability also is very rare. Being adventurous in keeping it at your home also is recommended by some of the hookah lovers and these are not to be encouraged taking more when it comes to women.

3. Starbuzz Blue Mist

Blue mist out of focused due to its coca cola of shisha and is very easily available in the market it is been most a delinquent mixture of blueberry and cool mint for the people who want to drive into the world of hookah.

4. Nakhla Double Apple

5. Al Fakher Double Apple

6. Starbuzz Pirate’s Cave

7. Social Smoke Absolute Zero

8. Fumari White Gummi Bear

9. Starbuzz Sex On The Beach

10. Fumari Ambrosia

Effects on pregnant women:

No woman should be addicted to hookah as this might affect the internal parts of the body very badly. This can be harmful to the foetus and can cause damage to the pregnant women.


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