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Health Within Our Fingers
Jun 17, 2016
Health Within Our Fingers

The significance of fingers is known to us only if when we expect the bits and bobs activities of our daily life. Imagine if there are no fingers in our hands, then how our daily activities will be discharged.

For illustration, we write with the fingers, the index finger is used to denote anything, and there are many other things which are impossible to count in numbers. Our hands and legs are incomplete in the absence of fingers. Without fingers on the hand maximum of the work are impossible to do.

 Not just this, the finger also play an important role in denoting our health condition as many of the diseases can come to light with the survey of the fingers. If you have healthy fingers, then it can be said you are fit as a fiddle.

What our fingers says about our health and how?

Here are some of the signs and hints that our fingers work as an eye-opener about our health.

• Breast cancer: The finger length plays an important role in knowing the probabilities of breast cancer in women. If the index finger is longer in length than the ring finger, it describes that there is high-level estrogen in the body and estrogen is a hormone that assists cancer to spread with ease. In case, there are high chances of getting cancer at a young age.

• Respiratory Problems: The color of the skin under our nails helps the physician to detect health diseases relating to respiration. When you run to a doctor for any respiratory problem, then he first inspects the fingers as if the skin under the nails shows shades of blue then there are chances of respiratory complications. Next, pale or blue spots show signs of anemia that occurs due to lack of iron and if the color is dark bluish-red then it shows chances of acute bronchitis in children.   

• Lack of vitamins: The skin under the nails and nails of the fingers depicts the lack of vitamin-like if there are black spots on our finger nails then it depicts the lack of zinc in the human body. Zinc as well as know is a major element in the development of our immune system, with a healthy immunity we tends to intimidated the diseases and pathogens.

• Thyroid: Many times due to certain reasons we experience that our fingertips are less swollen, but if you feel that your fingertips are stiff and swollen on a regular basis then you should try a thyroid test because it is a symptom of thyroid. It is so because when the thyroid is active it produces less hormones that are important for controlling the metabolism, due to which the fingertips look swollen.

• Splinter hemorrhages: Another health problem of splinter hemorrhage can be figured out with the assistance of one's finger. If there are tiny red stripes under the nails it means that you are suffering from splinter hemorrhages in which the blood infection that runs in the direction of nail growth and got deposited there. If you accept these spots under your nails, then immediately go for heart checkup because there are chances of heart-related disease.

• Raynaud's disease: When you have a bluish or grayish fingertip, then there are probabilities that you are suffering from Raynaud's syndrome. The fingers may also fail to be numb as this disease may impede the regular flow of blood.

Virtually all the diseases that are caused due to blood and those which can be detected with a blood test can be detected with the assistance of fingers. It can be said that our health lies within our fingers as fingers played a significant role in depicting different types of diseases. Even we consume food with the help of our hands and a hygienic hand keeps our body alive and kicking.


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