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Top 10 Foods That May Take You Closer To Cancer
Jun 13, 2016
Top 10 Foods That May Take You Closer To Cancer

Top 10 Foods for May Take You Closer To Cancer

In today’s medical field the most dangerous threat to either for the practitioners of the medical profession or the normal citizens is “THE CANCER”. Unfortunately, the disease is spreading all over the world from a small village to a developed city around the globe.

The cancer is nothing but the abnormal growth of cell forming into a huge shape and spreads across the body and its various organs will get damaged and stuck in this cell growth bunch.


Unfortunately, more than 25% of the cancer cases are caused due to various intakes of dangerous foods, we can avoid and prevent cancer by controlling the intake of foods and by avoiding those foods which will lead us to cancer and causing death to the body and body cells. Following are the various food which is dangerous and will have an impact on the body cells, the top ten list is given below.

Dangerous Food – Number – One:-

The food which is prepared by preservative oils such as “ hydrogenated oils”, once we consume this kind of food, which is actually prepared by the oils, will lead to cancer in coming years for the person who is eating this regularly and periodically. These oils are prepared by extracting them from the vegetables and adding them with chemicals and colours.

Many dieticians and medical professionals today suggest us to avoid as much as we can the food in which preservatives and colours are added, because they cause cancer in coming years, by taking them in our regular food.

The oils which are prepared by adding chemicals and colours are also available in the market for fewer prices since they are less and are available people turn to take them, without seeing the contents which were added in these oils and without knowing how they are prepared.

So it’s always better for us whenever we choose any oil for the preparation of food we should be very careful in looking at the ingredients which are present in it and avoid this kind of chemical oil and chemical oil prepared food. This will take us to become as a cancer patient.

Dangerous Food – Number – Two:-

After food, the number comes off “drinks”, in today’s market because of technology and globalization we get all the products from all over the world, in them these days which are leading the market are the “VARIOUS DRINKS AND BEVERAGES”.

Knowingly or unknowingly we consume many drinks which are available in the market either with the addition of soda or diet drinks or drinks which are packed in tetra packs.

Among them, all the dangerous drinks are drinks which are mixed with soda, the contents of soda are the mixtures of various chemical and HFCS – high fructose corn syrup etc. which are not good for our body if we consume them regularly in high quantities.

The soda don’t have any value addition to the body and it won’t provide us any nutritional value, instead, it harms our body leading it to cancer in coming years to the person who is having them on a regular basis.

Many medical professionals and practicing experts suggest us today to decrease the contents of the beverage intake on day to day basis because it's not good for the body and spoils the health of the person.

Dangerous Food – Number – Three - Fish:-

Consuming the “FISH”, which are produced in the farms in huge number and quantities are also not good for the health of the person.

Unfortunately, instead of getting the normal fish these days we see many places in the market we get the farming fish, these fishes and prawn are developed in a controlled environment in huge numbers because of the demand from the market by feeding them with various pesticides, chemical, and antibiotics.

All these artificial things and chemicals are harmful to us, once we consume the food or fish which are brought from this kind of environments.

We should be very careful while selecting and purchasing of our food, to keep us away from all these harmful food, which may lead us to cancer.

Dangerous Food – Number – Four – White Flour:-

The flour which is available in the market today is brought from various industries where the flour is prepared by doing a lot of refining and polish, wherein the flour looses all its original, natural nutrients and becomes a final chemical product.

The consumption of this is added as to the sugar food to our body since it won’t have any nutritional value.

Dangerous Food – Number – Five – Salty Ana Spicy Foods:-

The foods which have more salt and spices also have a reason to cause cancer, such as the use of excessive pickles which have a high amount of salt and spices in it also causes a threat.

Because these foods are added with salt, preservatives, toxins and nitrates, which are harmful to the health and body, excessive consumption of these foods might lead us to cancer.

Dangerous Food – Number – Six – Red Meat:-

Another threat for causing cancer is “consumption of excessive RED MEAT” in your food, excessive usage of this meat in the various form of foods, such as grilled red meat food and stocked and stored red meat food is also very dangerous to the health and will lead us to cancer.

Instead of consuming the red meat, the medical experts suggest us to shift towards the natural white meat.

Red meat is not good for the human body and consumption of this in high quantities will cause many diseases in coming days.

Dangerous Food – Number – Seven – Refined Sugar:-

Sweet is everyone’s favourite and no one can reject this, but excessive consumption of this also is a threat to the human body.

The increase levels of the sugar inside the body are great threats which lead us to obesity, diabetics, and organ failures many times.

The sugar which is available in the market is very refined one, and the refined products are harmful, so we must try to avoid this kind of foods and look for better options.

Dangerous Food – Number – Eight – Modified Foods:-

The foods which are “ genetically modified “ are also harmful foods for the human body, unfortunately, this kind of foods have increased in the market in their supply and it is very difficult many times to find which is GM food or which is natural supply.

Many countries have started allowing these foods nowadays because of the scarcity of availability of vegetables in the market and for the growing consumption demand.

Dangerous Food – Number – Nine– Micro Wave Products:-

A high level of alarm is already given by the medical experts to avoid the food’s which are consumed directly from micro woven, especially the microwave popcorn.

Due to its toxic releases and other threats, consumption of microwave food will also lead us to cancer.

Dangerous Food – Number – Ten – Canned Products:-

Since due to a high level of demand and production, many foods these days are available in various types of packs and cans.

It’s better to avoid these all artificial items, foods and food packs.

All these attractive and packed foods are chemical filled, toxics filled and preservatives, keeping away from all these things will save our life and protect us from CANCER. 


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