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12 Mehendi Palm Designs for Beginners
Jul 27, 2016
12 Mehendi Palm Designs for Beginners

Girls usually love to have mehndi to their hands from small to big occasions like weddings, special events etc. Mehandi is a very popular thing in sub-continent since a long time. We can use mehndi to decorate the palm and hand with many designs ranging from traditional palm designs to Arabic big designs. Which woman doesn’t like mehndi? Hardly anyone, isn’t it? Though some people love to have mehndi, they don’t know how to make beautiful designs on their palm.

These people are called as beginners and we would like to help that kind of girls or woman with simple designs. Would you like to see them? Then, read the below information. Palm Mehendi designs that we are presenting here are very simple and easy to decorate your hands. So, don’t wait for the time to make a temporary tattoo on your hand with mehndi. Get started it know. Come we will show you how.

All that you need here is instead of traditional mehndi paste made out of leaves at your home you need a mehndi cone to make these designs on your hands so have a kind of that mehndi cone to get started. You can either purchase it or make the one at your home if you know the process of making it.

Mehandi Arts for Your Palm

1. Star Design


Don’t get tensed as it is the first time you start because I have come up with a very simple design called as start design. It is easy to start you just need to use your hand to turn this small art into mehndi design and the art of drawing circles and triangles.

At first put small circles in the middle of the palm and draw a triangle around the circle as shown. Finally adorn it with dots in a waveform around the middle design at regular intervals and on your fingers too. See, how easily you have learned this simple design.

2. Mango Design


Start this design with a mango shaped art at the middle of your arm and fill the mango with crossed lines. Now, decorate the surroundings with lines as shown in the figure. Practice this design for simple occasions.

3. Two Handed Love Symbol Design


Seems like a love symbol, isn’t it? Yes, you can make this art using your both hands. This two-handed mehndi design looks elegant on some special occasions. Seems like the heavy design but, it is simple to put off on your hands. On one hand, you need to put half of the design and on the other hand remaining half. You need to know how to draw a half-ellipse shape to draw this design.

4. Umbrella Design


It seems like an umbrella so, the name umbrella design. Looks beautiful and you can use this mehndi design for small kids to decorate their hands for small occasions. Small curves, lines, dots, fillips all together make up this mehndi design.

5. Small Flower Design


Girls love flowers and their shape. This design is simple isolated in black. Decorating the palm along with the fingers look beautiful on girls hand. This traditional palm design can be used on festival times. So, adorn it on your hand.

6. Side Palm Bridge Design


This is siding palm design when adorned beautifully on your beautiful hand looks stylish. Seems like a bridge and easy for the beginners to start put it off on the hands. Some lines, curves and fillings are needed to make this art on your small hand. Will look stunning for small kids hand.

7. Traditional Mango Design


This conventional design can be used on some traditional occasions like festivals. These beautifully decorated hands, as well as the full finger art, cover your complete hand and complement your palm.

8. Sunflower with Ankle Design


The ankle is the place where you use bangles. Instead of the bangle is mehndi design takes the place how beautiful it would be. This design is like a flower with leaves and seems like a natural traditional design. People who love traditional art can use this design during festivals.

9. Lamp Design


This design looks like a lamp with lighting which is also a traditional design on your palms. You can just use this design for practice purpose or on little kids hand to make her hand beautiful. Seems like giving brightness to your hand with the traditional lamp light in the darkness. A beautiful, though, isn’t it?

10. Butterfly or Triangle Art


Butterflies look beautiful in nature and people love catching them. But, if they are right on your hands, how awesome is the thought. But, you can make it in fact with this beautiful butterfly mehndi design. Use this simple design on your hand and hold the butterfly.

11. Arabic Palm Design


It seems like an Arabic design as it is put on the side of your arms but looks natural. This design is simple with just one flower along with few leafs over it. You can put in on your own for simple occasions and parties.

12. Flower with Leaves Design


Like a hanging flower with leaves, this design looks like hanging on your hand. Adorn a beautiful palm design like this on your hand and make them look simple and amazing.

Bottom Line:

These are 12 beautiful simple palm designs that beginners can practice them. These are very easy and take less to decorate these arts on your hand. Start it from practicing on your palms and later move to big designs. So, get started up and become an expert in mehndi designs. We hope beginners will definitely love these designs and feels easy to put them on their hands.


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