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Mehndi Designs on Belly For Pregnant Women
Jul 27, 2016
Mehndi Designs on Belly For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a boon for women. They say that “the life of the mother is the life of a child”. A mother goes through a lot to give birth to the new generation.  She carries her baby in her stomach safely for “Nine long months”.  She keeps her heart and soul in the new soul that is developing inside her. 

In this entire creation of God, there is nothing beyond a mother’s love.  Isn’t it so!  No matter how far we go in development, no matter how trendy we become, no matter whether we are poor or rich, the feelings we carry are the same from the start of human life.  It is very important to take good care of pregnant women.  It is too very important to keep her happy. 

Here, we are presenting a new form of the article specially designed for pregnant. These tattoos are trending a lot nowadays. Women love to get tattooed on their body. This article is especially for those women who tries to look at their best even with a big belly.

But as tattooing is a bit risky process, instead of tattooing, we used mehndi designs to decorate belly. The mehndi designs used in our article resemble the exact tattoo designs. Let us see how Mehndi can change belly of pregnant


This mehndi art is simple to design. A butta design is used throughout the design.  Starting at the navel, the button design is designed all around the navel.  The butta design is highlighted with heavy leaves. A flower with heart symbol designed at the bottom of butta design.  At the head of butta, a peacock head shaped art is designed. Dots are used to highlight the entire design. The same pattern is followed on the back of the hands too.


This entire design is designed based on the concept of drop shape.  This design is a big huge design compared our other designs.  The drop shapes start at a small size and different patterns of designs are designed in the middle of each drop. Each drop is followed by a different pattern. The design is started at the navel. 

A small tree shape is drawn at the center of the design.  At the base of that design, bold semi-circle design is drawn and it is again highlighted by hill shaped design at the top.  Each and every drop is double lined.  The space between the current drop and the next drop is filled with horizontal lines.

Likewise, different patterns are used in the entire design.  At the final drop, a dome-shaped design is designed for the entire drop.  The doom shaped design is again highlighted with three dots design.


This mehndi art is designed around the belly instead of designing just around the navel.  Different types of butta patterns are used in this art.  Peacock shaped butta is used as the main design.  It is highlighted with a leave design at the backdrop.

Same patterns of multiple flowers are designed at one side of the peacock sided butta.  It is extended with a cross lines filled butta design.  The entire design is highlighted with small buttas and they are again highlighted with dots in and around.


This art is designed based on the concept of a tree.  A tree is drawn along with the roots.  Multiple branches are drawn from the tree with leaves and flowers.  The Beautiful flower pattern is followed throughout the entire design.  Heart-shaped leaves are used for the flowers. The roots in the art resemble real roots of the tree.  At one side of the tree, a peacock is drawn with beautiful feathers.  The roots are started at the center of the navel.  From there the tree design is started and then the branches start and then the branches are followed by leaves and flowers.  Dots pattern is used throughout the entire design to highlight the design.


You do not need any professional skills to work on this art.  At the end of the design you yourself will come to know that you polished your skills of making an art with mehndi to a satisfactory extent.  This is too simple to design on a belly.  A simple flower pattern is drawn around the navel.  Around the navel, a simple circular design is designed.  Now inverted drops were drawn around that circular shaped design around the navel.  Three drops are taken under one leave and all the drops are covered with leaves. 

Dots are used in the design to highlight the drop shaped designs.  The outline of the leaf design is designed in doom shaped pattern.  Now alternative doom patterns are designed in the same pattern and adjacent dooms are designed in different patterns.  Simple drops design is used on few doom shaped patterns and the alternative dooms are designed with bold hearts on the top. 

At the top of the bold hearts, a small doom shaped design is used with a dot inside it.  Same leave design is used dots on the top.  Straight dots pattern follows the design.

These are the best mehndi designs to design on the belly of pregnant women.  As women love to get mehndi on their hands, most of them may even love to try them on their belly. 

If you are one among them who love to try such things at the time of your pregnancy or try it on someone close to you who are a pregnant, then without looking back, just get, set, and go.  Make sure you use the best mehndi mixture. 

Try it on any enclosed body part before putting it on your belly.  If you find any sort of irritation because of the mehndi, keep that away from your belly. 

There ends our article.  Give it a try if you find it appealing and attractive.


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