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Simple Mehndi Designs for Legs
Jul 27, 2016
Simple Mehndi Designs for Legs

Let see Mehendi Designs for Legs

Mehndi is something that is occasionally used to give grand look to hands and legs.  Women love to design their hands with mehndi occasionally or just for the casual purpose.  But leg mehndi is mainly preferred at the times of marriage.  Hand mehndi can be carried away easily as some designs are trendy. 

As this is marriage season, leg mehndi designs are going viral among people these days.  The grand look that these leg mehndi designs provide to the legs is the main reason for them to become popular these days. 

Just like hand mehndi designs, even leg, mehndi designs are divided into Indian and Arabic.  Indian designs cover all the legs and gives traditional looks, while Arabic designs give trendy and stylish look to the legs. 

We are going mix and match both Indian and Arabic designs in our article.  Let us see the best and trendy leg mehndi designs that are going viral.



This is the top one mehndi design in our list.  This leg mehndi design is too trendy and yet too traditional at its best.  Observed carefully, both hand and leg mehndi designs are similary designed taking the same basic flower design.  The flower centered in the design is used both on hand and the leg.

This design entirely is highlighted with dots design.  Covering the entire foot to the ankle, this design gave beautiful look to the legs.  A round shaped flower is taken as the design at the center.  It is highlighted with different dot shapes. 

The entire flower is surrounded by peacock heads which are again highlighted by huge dots.  This design is simple and can be designed in more or less than 20 to 30 minutes.  You no need to take any professional help for designing this.  Just a little practice would yield best results from you itself.



This second popular design is one of the best and best leg designs that suits well for occasions like marriages.  The bride or bride-to-be looks the best in this classy leg mehndi design.  The accessories used for the bride in this picture are complimenting her leg mehndi design.  Coming to the design, the design started with the toe of the leg and ended at the upper ankle.  This design comprises of round shaped flowers, semi flowers, well-decorated peacock heads many more.  Starting at the upper ankle part, a round shaped flower is designed in that region.  Below to that, cup shaped design was designed.  Immediate design to that is peacock head designed which are highlighted with heavy dots.  The design follows with line, dots, small peacock heads, semi flowers etc.



This design gives a total traditional look to the bride.  The design is centered on the leaves design.  The design started at the toe and ended just at upper ankle.  Different types of leaves are used in this design.  The finger nails are designed with simple leaves design.  Coming to the foot, a leaf desin is used on both legs.  This leaf design is decorated with different other designs.  The inner part of the leaf is bolded and the outer part of the leaf is decorated with mutiple temple shaped designs all over.  The upper ankle part is designed with another leaf which is designed differently from the prior one used on the foot.  It is desined with lines, cup shaped designs and dots.



This design has a lot to do with.  The design is started at the tip of the toes and ended at the ankle part.  The fingers are designed with small peacock head designs.  The foot is followed with different designs with different shapes.  The center of the design is highlighted with a butta shaped design associated with peacock head design.  The inner part of the butta is designed with quarter circle designs and dots.  The outer part of the design is designed with lots of quarter circle designs around.  The ankle part is simple designed with a small butta shaped design.



This design is a way too simple design.  The design used different shapes from the toe part to the ankle part.  For most of the part, the design is highlighted with lines and drop shaped designs.  You no need to hush hush to design this leg mehndi design.  With a little practice you can give professional look to this design.



This design is a Arabic style mehndi design.  The finger are designed with a leaf shape and they were add with drop shaped designs.  The design used on the foot part is very trendy to look and very simple to design.  A semi flower was designed next to the toe and it is carried away with peacock head shaped butta design, which was left semi bolded.  It was highlighted with heart shaped designs.  It is again followed with a semi flower which was agin highlightd with bold lined heart shaped design.  It was followed with a simple peacock shaped butta design.



This design comes under Arabic style of designs.  The fingers were designed with simple lines, dots and a small flower.  The design started at the toe and ended at the upper ankle.  The toe is followed by a double tail shaped design which was highlighted with drop shaped designs.  It was followed with a flower with heart shapes and it was again followed with a sharp edged leaf.  This leaf is followed by a flower of same heart shapes and the design repeated to the end of the ankle part.  Dots are used here and there to highlight the design.



This design is totally bolded and was designed thick.  The fingers are designed with bolded designs.  The toe of the leg was followed by semi flower design and it was followed by inverted flower design.  The design has different flower shapes used in it.  This makes the design unique from all the other designs.  It is a Arabic style of design, which is very trendy with its design.



This design is very much Arabic design.  Leaving all the foot and fingers part, the the upper ankle part is designed trendily.   This design goes well with trendy parties.  The design was designed sharp.  The design contains flowers which are lightly bolded.  A butta shaped design is used at the top fo the flower which was highlighted with leaves and flower designs.  Simple dots ranging from small size to big size were used to hihglight the design. 


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